Job Vision Consultants: Employing & Developing Ambitious Manpower in Tune with Clients' Aspirations

Arshdeep Khurana,DirectorThe chief forte of any recruitment agency resides in its ability to bridge the worlds of an employer seeking the right potential and a candidate eager to leverage his talents for the best purpose, thereby sowing the seeds of best human talent in every organization. Conquering both these worlds with attributes like professional ethics, seasoned team, impeccable technology and networking, Job Vision Consultants has emerged as the most preferred recruitment solutions provider with respect to multiple categories.

With commitments to seamless learning & development across various sectors, its team of professionals comprehend the nuances of each client’s business vertical, their work culture and requirements of the job vacancies being offered, prior to associations with them. In fact, this nature of attending to each intricate detail presents its clients with the right candidate profiles and also prospective candidates who understand the gravity of their job roles. “Our management team and the task force believes in and takes the responsibility of maintaining synergy between the business and
recruitment strategy of our clients in order to nurture our company’s growth as a recruitment services provider,” professes Arshdeep Khurana, Founder & Director, Job Vision Consultants.

Job Vision’s team of professionals comprehend the nuances of each client’s business vertical, their work culture and requirements of the job vacancies being offered, prior to associations with them

Once Job Vision Consultants are crystal clear about the clients’ demands, they follow a vast mechanism of recruitment wherein any candidate has to attend a couple of interviews post their profile screening and later on the concerned details are shared with clients. All through this process, the firm’s prime emphasis is to craft the best practices that can employ and develop employees well-equipped with the knack to provide unmatched customer focused service delivery to their organizations. Besides, this mechanism fosters good cordial relationships among the employees.

Industrial Insights
By channelizing immense experiences of over seven years as a HR and an IT professional into Job Vision Consultant since 2011,
Arshdeep today outshines as the impetus behind the success and consistency of the firm through his intellectual efforts and ideas. Since a vacant position from any corner of the organizational hierarchy ignites the requirement of a new candidate, the firm always stays proactive to recruit the finest candidates for a gamut of industries and also at all positions of the hierarchy by deploying its embellished sources and database. Clearly, insights from disparate fields of operations triggered Job Vision Consultants to offer a bevy of recruitment services to companies disbursed across industries like ITeS, BFSI, aviation, IT, steel & power, oil & gas, engineering, automobile, real estate, retail, pharmaceutical, FMCG and a lot more.

Diversity with Longevity
Be it permanent staffing to hire the right qualified candidates for the right positions or contractual staffing to hire best candidates at any level based on foolproof strategies in less turnaround time, Job Vision Consultants leaves no stone unturned to give its best. On the other hand, the firm leverages its expert campus hiring solutions and rich database to create permanent human assets for organizations while it headhunts with diverse industry knowledge, networks & referrals to identify ideal yet industry-specific candidates. Etching its future roadmap towards empowering organizations, Job Vision Consultants is envisaging to become the best HR service provider as well as one of the top ten recruitment consultancies in India in next two years by collaborating with new businesses on a long-term basis yet retaining the old ones.