IQAnalytic Business Solution: A Comprehensive Provider of Customizable BGV Services

George K M & Vasuki Prasad Raju M, DirectorsForged records & falsified data remitted by employees during the recruitment process are the sole reason behind the burgeoning cases of corporate crimes. In today’s date, where 53 percent of the job applications bear factually inaccurate information, pre-employment verification is a need of the hour. Side stepping the process will do no good because the recent reports confirm that 30 percent of the corporate failures are solely due to the malpractice committed by employees. Thus, IQAnalytic Business Solutions is all pumped-up to bust-off the white-collar crimes with its comprehensive pre-employment and posthire background check services for the B2B, B2C and B2G sectors.

Above all, the Background Verification(BGV)was long been monitored by top-heavy legal firms where the processes were not only heavy on paper works, but were both costly & tardy regime to avail. IQAnalytic Business Solutions is a horse of different color, offering cost effective to customized BGV services which befit the client’s needs. In helping the clients to choose relevant services, firstly, the company conducts service workshops to discuss the potential employment risks in the current business model, the BGV services it offers and turnaround time involved in the process. After this, the entire process is run by

workflow automation tools, built based on web technologies boosting IQAnalytic’s proficiencies.

Adoption of automated work flow can raise concerns about the data breach of the employee records. Being an ISO certified company, IQAnalytic Business Solutions houses robust security infrastructure where every data is RSA encrypted and require secure login credentials to access. As an active member of NASSCOM, it duly receives end-to-end support in maintaining web technologies, SSL and encryption systems to stay updated with the industry standards. Specially for services like ‘Court Record Check’ and ‘Police Verification’, it has tied-up with authentic law enforcement companies PAN India.

Being an ISO certified company, IQAnalytic Business Solutions houses robust security infrastructure where every data is RSA encrypted and require secure login credentials to access

Presenting Multi-shore Capabilities
Being a diligent servicer, IQAnalytic confirms that every detail mentioned in the employee’s CV is correct, ticking-off a forte of check-points to make sure that it’s free of any fraudulent information. Starting from education, employment check, court record & police verifications, passport, pan card & Voter Id check to drug test, it caters to all. Be it CIBIL verification or GAP, it provides all-round services in the background verification space. George K M, Director, IQAnalytic Business Solution adds, “To render utmost proficiency, we constantly evaluate the company’s service offerings and conduct internal training programs to keep employees up-to-date on the same”.

IQAnalytic is considerably a young organization which started-off in 2019, serving a trusted base of clientele comprising of 50+ clients, with revenue growth as per the business plan which was put together at the initial days of establishment.

Vasuki Prasad Raju M, Director,IQAnalytic Business Solution, concludes, “We are advancing to expand our business model and service offerings with a goal to reach every niche market. Further, we are actively exploring the options to integrate AI/ML and cloud technologies in increasing the software experience. Down the lane, it will help us to reduce the manual efforts, save time, and cut costs to onboard authentic candidate through a more sustainable verification system. For our fast development and achievements with regards to company operations, we are being ably supported by our CA Shyam S from Holla Mitran & Co”.