Intelescreen : Securing India's Future, One Verified Background at a Time

Mudasir Pasha, Managing Director

Mudasir Pasha

Managing Director

While background verification remains a time-consuming and tedious process, the importance of the industry has increased significantly owing to the global emphasis on accuracy, protection and genuine hiring. Companies conduct these checks to ensure they hire trustworthy and qualified individuals, thereby minimizing risks associated with fraudulent qualifications, criminal activities, or other unethical behaviors. Stepping up to address such needs is Intelescreen, a pioneering firm using advanced AI technologies to streamline verification processes, thoroughly verify identities and detect any attempts to falsify information. As technology advances, the future of background screening in India promises to address new challenges and ensure integrity and informed hiring decisions.

“At Intelescreen, we specialize in comprehensive background screening services, focusing on four pillars - Identity, Verifications, Legal Verifications, and Credibility Assessments. Our identity verification process utilizes advanced technology to confirm the identity of individuals and ensure they are who they claim to be. This is done through live verification processes linked to various databases.

Verifications include employment history and educational qualifi-cations, which are checked directly against previous employers and educational institutions. Legal checks include thorough investi-gations of any criminal activity associated with the individual using court databases across India”, speaksMudasir Pasha, Managing Director.

Innovative Approach to Background Verification

Intelescreen’s leadership team consists of experienced and forward-thinking professionals who are committed to successful hiring and have worked as leaders for numerous prestigious global companies. The company employs a multi-layered approach to ensure absolute integrity and accuracy in its background check processes. Intelescreen's methodology is based on three core principles of revolutionary AI technology, improved accuracy and redefined efficiency. By integrating groundbreaking AI technology, the company has transformed traditional background processes in India, increasing accuracy and reliability.

Its automated, advanced algorithms produce robust and error-reduced results, minimizing mistakes and improving overall quality. In addition, the company has streamlined its verification process by ensuring thorough automation and significantly reducing processing times, thereby increasing efficiency. Transparency and data security are fundamental to Intelescreen's work. As an ISO-certified company, the company places great emphasis on transparency by providing artifacts for each validated document, ensuring traceability and accountability.

The firm’s distinguishing factors lie in its extensive experience, innovative technology, commitment to data security and privacy, and client-centric approach. Intelescreen’s revolutionary in-house platform harnesses groundbreaking AI technology to deliver accurate results efficiently and securely. The firm prioritizes data security by utilizing top- tier systems like Google and Microsoft, ensuring encryption and protection of sensitive information.

Unlike competitors, the company prioritizes adaptability, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and customize solutions accordingly. “We view our relationship with clients as partnerships, offering integration services and tailored packages to streamline the onboarding process for candidates of all levels, from freshers to CXOs. By assuming responsibility for the entire background verification process, we empower HR teams to focus on core responsi-bilities while reducing time and cost burdens”, shares Mudasir Pasha.

Safer Corporate Environment

Intelescreen is on the cusp of revolutionizing background verification in India. “Our vision is threefold: expand our reach to make verifi-cation more accessible, leverage technology to bridge urban-rural disparities, and offer customized solutions for each client. By advocating for widespread adoption and providing affordable, accurate services, we aim to create a safer corporate environment. Our mission is to ensure that every company, regardless of size or location, can benefit from reliable background verification, contributing to a more secure and prosperous society”, signs off Mudasir Pasha.