InstaVeritas : Delivering Screening Solutions of the Future, Today

The background screening industry in India has been controlled by incumbents for many decades. The practice was focused towards traditional employee level check and restricted to select industries. The growth of the on-demand and share economy gave rise to the need for faster, more accurate and scalable verification solutions. Enter Instaveritas.

Established in 2014 by Nikhil Mulchandani and Abhishek Rathi, Instaveritas has fast come amongst the most recognized names in the background screening industry. The company has grown from a two-per-son set up only a few years ago to a team of over 150 specialized verification agents with a presence across every city in the country. The Company processes over 10 million checks and has 500 clients across various industries.

InstaVeritas has become the go-to-partner for the blue and grey collar staff verification and holds a dominant market share for this segment in the industry. The Company's focus on continuous innovation and technology has enabled it to deliver solutions at a high accuracy and fast turnaround times.

InstaVeritas portfolio of services expands over traditional background screening providers.
· InstaWhite ­ Tailored solutions for managerial level staff including qualification, criminality, credit and reputation checks.

· InstaBlue ­ Accurate, fast and scalable for high growth companies employing in large numbers. Our Criminal Court Check is the industry gold standard with the use of advanced artificial intelligence, intelligent search algorithms and machine learning technology.
· InstaID: InstaVeritas OCR and Instant Authentication engines makes customer and partner onboarding seamless.

· DriveAPI: Instant authentication of vehicle related information via API or web-based tools.

· InstaDD ­ Instaveritas offers tailored vendor and partner due diligence services.

Nikhil Mulchandani,CEO

On the delivery front, all the client's experiences are completely digital as the Company offers a complete customizable client dashboard which has live tracking of cases, instantly downloadable reports, MIS reporting and complete access and privacy control. Furthermore, APIs are avail-able for companies who wish to integrate and conduct checks at scale.

InstaVeritas has become the go-to-partner for the blue and grey collar staff verification and holds a dominant market share for this segment in the industry

Apart from the B2B segment, the company also launched VerifyKaro as its foray into the B2C market. Verifykaro offers simple back-ground cheeks to small businesses and households who wish to conduct checks on their staff and domestic help.

Looking ahead, Nikhil Mulchandani shared with us his vision to make InstaVeritas the largest back-ground screening company in India. The company is actively expanding its clientele across different sectors and regions and exploring expansion into international markets in the near future.