Innovative Services : Building Careers and Corporate Leaderships with Effective Training Programs

Venkatesh Narayanasamy,FounderEmployability gap has seen a steep rise in the past decades where graduates lack specific skill sets to bag jobs of their choice. Moreover, people who are already employed in the corporate sector often need special training to enhance their skill sets and stay motivated along with productive at all times. Setting their priorities, adapting to change, taking up leadership roles and maintaining work-life balance also become a challenge for most employees.

Catering to these issues Chennai headquartered, Innovative Services offers holistic training programs and support to both corporate employees and students of colleges. `We thoroughly understand the employee needs and develop programs to overcome these challenges. We believe in empowering the innovative curriculum and approach. This helps them to make a smooth transition from college days to work-life,' says Venkatesh Narayanasamy, Founder, Innovative Services.

Courses and Training Programs
Founded in 2004, Innovative Services offers college and university students with their advanced training programs that include Placement Aptitude Training, Technical Training, Communication Skills Development, Life Skills & Professional Skills Enhancement and Employability Skills Pro-grams. It also provides practical training and real-time project handling experience during the
training session to ensure that the program is effective and successful.

These courses consist of modules that boost motivation, help in attitude building, goal setting, enhance communication & presentation skills, teach team building and handling skills and more. The courses also help in preparing for group discussions, personal interviews, assist in creating resume, offer technical training, and boost a student's both verbal and non-verbal analytical and logical reasoning skills. In addition to these, the company also offers Business English Certificate (BEC) for students who want to enhance their English communication skills.

Corporate companies require not just functional training but cross learning from other domain experts so that they can perform better and grow faster. Catering to this need Innovative Services bring in successful people from different spheres of life who share their success stories, learning & experiences with employees. This helps employees in getting exposed to different perspectives and staying motivated. Its flagship program is "SPEAK" that consists of specific modules to help corporate employees to improve their public speaking & presentations skills.

`We offer training modules and infrastructure that effectively adapts to the customized requirements of our diverse clientele,' Venkatesh Narayanasamy, Founder, Innovative Services.

Innovative Services conducts Faculty Development Program (FDP) with which teachers and professors can undersatnd student psychology better, learn effective management of classrooms, curate the right communication strategies and guide the students better.

Milestones on the Way
Innovative Services has received many awards including South India's Largest Celebrity Speaker Bureau Award from Professional Speakers Association India (PSAI). The company has moved to the online space, and has organized more than 400 webinars and training programs with several verticals including Institutional & Corporate Trainings, Events & Public Workshops, Speaker Bureau & Celebrity Management and more.

Innovative Services has recently created Seyal (Global Forum for Action Takers), a community for periodical learning and development in regional language. It now has more than 200 members across the globe. Further to this, the company is also aiming at having more than 100,000 member-ships for Seyal in the next five years. In addition to this, it is also working on expanding its Campus-to-Corporate programs nation-wide.