IITJOBS: Connecting IT Hiring Managers and IT Career Seekers

 Shobhan Shah,    President

Shobhan Shah


The beginning of job websites date back to the mid-1990s as a part of the dot-com boom. Since then, year-on-year, there has been tremendous growth in the number of job portals worldwide. However, even amidst the extensive growth, there are no ‘specialised’ job portals, globally. Based out of California, iitjobs is the only job board for IT professionals. “We are a team of Global IT Recruiters and Global IT Consultants. We got together to find real solution for IT hiring managers and IT career seekers. As the world is ‘flat’ both the communities should be able to seek the best Globally!” says Shobhan Shah, President at iitjobs. iitjobs offers a platform to post jobs and hire talented individuals. Now recruiters can easily view resumes,

shortlist and send mass mails to candidates and add multiple job posting all at one place.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Platform
The company’s job postings, applicant tracking system, management dashboard view, in-built communication, candidate portal etc, each functionality is built around simplicity. “We have not built complex

system where you need hours of training to actually use the system,” adds Shobhan. As it’s just a job board, anyone can figure it out and it is guaranteed that nothing will break. While most other job portals, have limitation on the number of resumes, in-mails that can be sent and downloaded per day, iitjobs offers unlimited services to both, recruiters and candidates.

The company does not blast or mass mail resumes to any company or job sites

Data security is of utmost importance at iitjobs and hence the system is built ensuring the same. “We do not sell the trust you’ve reposed in us by sharing, selling or blasting your vital information,” adds Shobhan. Every candidate’s resume is accessible only to hiring firms. The company does not blast or mass mail resumes to any company or job sites. “We would like to ensure that your data is secure. As the system is web based it is insured against coffee spills, theft, virus and maintenance,” says Shobhan.

Further, the platform also provides various value added services like resume migration from paper,.pst, or any other system to our ATS. Custom reports, Job Advertisement Distribution, Creative writing for job advertisement, System Customization and more are also accessible via this platform.

In the future
Due to Covid, and the introduction of remote work culture, borders have merged. Recruiters from across the world can now hire based on skills and talent alone, without having to worry about job location. This, according to Shobhan, has also tremendously boosted the usage of iitjobs portal. Currently, the team at iitjobs is also building modules for recruiters which will compose of an online integrated timesheet app with capabilities of automatic invoicing. For candidates, the company also hopes to soon launch key certification of tech skill like Java, Python, css and more. “Today, we have 5000 hits a month, getting that to 50000 is one of our aim. The hope is to be the number one job portal specific to tech,” concludes Shobhan.