Sudeep Bhalerao: Astutely Balancing Empathy & Business Growth

   Sudeep K Bhalerao,       Vice President & Head Human Resources

Sudeep K Bhalerao

Vice President & Head Human Resources

In the ever-evolving world of technology, where businesses are driven by innovation and adaptability, the role of HR professionals has transformed into a strategic function that shapes organizational success. Today, they are integral to the business growth, with a crucial responsibility of understanding and addressing both employee and the business needs. Successfully striking the balance between an organization’s business objectives and employee well-being for the past 18 years, Sudeep Bhalerao, Vice President and Head of HR is now playing key role driving the growth at the Celusion Technologies.

Sudeep is a third-generation family member in HR, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. While Sudeep's grandfather worked in the personnel department of Indian Railways, his father was a HR professional who held key positions in renowned organizations such as Tata and Persistent. Growing up in an HR family, Sudeep was naturally exposed to the intricacies of HR. After graduation, Sudeep further honed his skills by obtaining a post graduation in Human Resources from Symbiosis, Pune and a master's degree in labor laws.

Sudeep's professional journey commenced with a deliberate decision to work for a startup MAQ Software to gain hands-on experience in diverse HR roles. After two years, Sudeep transitioned to SYSTIME, now
KPIT, delving into resource management and thoroughly understanding the intricacies of the IT industry. Sudeep spent close to seven years at 3DPLM Software Solutions, now Dassault Systems, where he grew from managing 250 employees in the first year to 1200 employees in the seventh year. “3DPLM Software was my finest experience at a product based company because, a decade back, most Indian IT companies exclusively focused only on the services businesses”, states Sudeep. Recognizing the importance of fostering patience and motivation among the employees working on long-term product development projects, Sudeep helped employees of 3DPLM Software to engage with the Organization through engagement initiatives and inspired them to grow in their careers.

I advise all aspiring HR leaders to empathize, leverage on modern technologies, & align HR strategies with business objectives to drive the growth

Driven by a desire to lead and inspire HR teams, Sudeep soon joined MRCC, leading the HR function. Following this success, Sudeep joined Addnode India as Head of HR, where he skillfully managed the 3 pillars of HR – Attract, Nurture and Retain and was instrumental in almost doubling the headcount at Addnode India.

Over the last few months at Celusion Technologies, Sudeep has spearheaded initiatives to redefine HR practices within the organization. Under his guidance, the team successfully designed and executed intensive leadership program empowering emerging leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge. Additionally, the team's strategic recruitment tie-ups with institutions like C-DAC have enabled Celusion Technologies to attract top-tier talent, further enhancing the company's competitive edge. Under his guidance, team has launched small but impactful initiatives like introducing series of employee development programs, comprehensive joining kits, employee engagement activities which has helped the Organization to increase its visibility.

While many HR professionals explore different industries, Sudeep has carved a niche in the IT sector. “Over the past 18 years, I have realized that empathy is the most crucial aspect for every HR professional, irrespective of their industry, as it allows them to understand employee’s mindset and solve their concerns effectively. I advise all aspiring HR leaders to empathize, leverage on modern technologies like AI tools, and align HR strategies with business objectives to drive the growth”, concludes Sudeep.