House of Soft Skills: Focused on The Academic Progress and Moral Development of The Students

Palak Arora,Co-Founder

Palak Arora


Often ignored during traditional education which exclusively focuses on hard skills, soft skills often miss the significance they need in making a student emerge as a successful phenomenon in their lives. Remaining fixated about their children acquiring industry specific knowledge, the parents often remain ignorant about the soft skills and these missing skills often cause a cavity in the career path of the individuals, hindering their overall professional and personal progression. As per some recent industry analysis, by 2030, the job market will majorly be influenced by the 85 percent of soft skills possessed by a person rather than their technical abilities.

With a notion to address these ‘missing skills’ and equip the coming generation of students with necessary expertise, House of Soft Skills (HOSS) is engaged in imparting the required nimbleness at the right age so that it can have a lifelong positive impact on the overall personality development of the child. Ensuring that each child develops excellent English Communication Skills, confidently Developed Personality, good interpersonal skills and a great character, HOSS has emerged as a global English language and soft skill development platform dedicated to shaping young lives as well as giving them a head start for their career.

Imparting ‘The Missing Skills’ Of 21st Century
Assessing the child on various parameters like spoken English, confidence, creativity, decision making skills, critical thinking and so on, HOSS caters to global kids and work on phonics, English and soft skills. “HOSS LP Software, tracks and records performance of every single activity done in each class and uses AI to predict the concepts which a Child should learn next, thereby ensuring lesson plan or syllabus doesn’t move ahead or behind a child’s learning.

For 4-14 years Kids we have our flagship Course EPD English and Personality development and for 4-7 years we have Phonics and Personality development. We also have soft skills courses for kids and students pursuing graduation as well as phonics teacher training course.
Our flagship is teaching Phonics/English along with Personality development, where the PPD-Phonics & Personality Development course is the most favorite one amongst mothers of 4 to 6-year old kids,” states Palak Arora, Co-Founder, House of Soft Skills(HOSS).

Taking immense pride in its teachers who work tirelessly to inspire children, HOSS is proud of the number of passionate female teachers working with the organization who are breaking the glass ceiling of gender disparity. This significant criterion not only gives a tender distinguishment to the organization but also highlights the substantial importance it holds for the upliftment of society.

Advancing at a constant pace to make the child ready for success in 21st Century by imparting ‘the missing skills’, HOSS is comprehensibly focused on the academic progress as well as the emotional, psychological and moral development of the students which will help them tackle challenges, communicate better gain more opportunities to become future leaders and entrepreneurs as well as find overall success in life. HOSS is equipped with passionate and competent teachers enabled with technology to deliver quality education to a child. The technology enabled curriculum and personalization lesson Plan offered by HOSS changes and adapt itself to coherently suit the Child’s overall learning journey.

Our flagship is teaching Phonics/English along with Personality development, where PPD-Phonics & Personality Development course is the most favorite one amongst mothers of 4 to 6 year old kids

Teachers are often missed in the whole Edu Tech boom and a teacher while teaching a young child shares a very special bond with the child that only he/she can experience. HOSS has taken two steps for Passionate teachers. First is Phonics teacher training course to upskill the teachers with the knowledge of phonics and prepare them forthwith practical knowledge of online teaching. Secondly, the team of HOSS constantly tries to reduce the non teaching hours.

Valuing The Teacher Student Bond

With an impeccably structured soft skills course, HOSS emphasizes valuing the teacher student bond, simultaneously focusing on social skills and the learning to be interactive, collaborative and highly engaging. “The HOSS LP (Learning partner), ensures the teachers don’t have to prepare curriculum before class and doesn’t have to remember what they taught. They spend only a few mins to prepare progress reports with nil administrative stuff.We want passionate teachers only to do what they love that is Teach! My dream is to see Indian teachers teach the kids from all across the world,” concludes Palak.