HireSafe Verification Services: Unlocking a New Level of Reliability, Turnaround-Time & Affordability

Hasan Ali, Founder & CEO

Hasan Ali

Founder & CEO

‘Trust, but verify!’ It’s imperative for every organization to discern this old Soviet adage. While trust is one of the most important aspects of doing business, it’s equally important to verify the companies that you do that business with and employees who do it for you, especially while living in the world’s second largest population, wherein identity faking, certificate forgery, violations, theft, and even terrorist interventions are consistently on the rise. On a service-availability standpoint, the large corporations exist amidst a flood of high-end employee verification services providers, while on the other hand, SMEs are often ‘taken lightly’, being left with quite ordinary range of services and turnaround time. Bangalore-based HireSafe Verification Services India Pvt. Ltd a highly specialized pre-employment background screening services provider is on a mission to bridge this crater by offering what this highly underserved segment really deserves – quality and faster results.

Customarily in the industry, the time taken for background verification is around 30 days, and needless to say, the delay often leaves HR managers on their toes, making them feel the fear of losing a high potential candidate. Adding to the woes is half measured verifications, which trace back to either the mediocre backend infrastructure of the verification provider or the lack of stringent quality check points. With its smart, comprehensive and dependable verification techniques, HireSafe is an ambassador of a paradigm shift in the sector, providing its clients with foolproof-grade background verification services at their fingertips by banking on its strong backend physical verification infrastructure and within a turnaround time of 10 working days, including the written verification. And most importantly, at quotations SMEs can genuinely afford. We indeed are talking about the way it created a tangible impact in the industry within just three years of its inception to the tune of accomplishing thousands of projects for more than 4125 happy clients!

Customer Experience – the Game Changer
Happy clients directly implicate a holistic customer experience, which starts right from the company website and its user-friendly interface. “Customer experience is the key in any industry that exists today, and background verification is no different. We have increasingly moved to digital, and our platform is specifically designed to provide our customers with an overwhelming experience, while on the other hand, we have a strong backend physical infrastructure comprising a more than 50 people strong workforce,” asserts Hasan Ali, Founder & CEO, HireSafe Verification Services India.

Clients can upload all the documents on HireSafe’s platform using the login ID & password provided by the company, and the
company’s streamlined operations take care of the rest, enabling clients to sit back and relax. HireSafe updates the status of individual candidates realtime. Alongside a popup in the client’s dashboard, a notification will be sent to them with each update, leaving no room for uncertainty and vagueness. Above all, the candidate data is securely stored and maintained by the company’s own internal IT services team in its own servers, thus ensuring 100 percent confidentiality. Through these streamlined operations coupled with a dedicated customer support team, HireSafe ensures customers savor a holistic experience.

With its smart comprehensive& dependable verification techniques, HireSafe provides its clients with foolproof-grade background verification services at their fingertips by banking on its strong backend physical verification infrastructure

A Robust Infrastructure Ensuring Reliable Results, Faster!
However, reliability and quality of output is still the name of the game. We are no Sherlock Holmes in order to read candidates based on their appearance and have pop-ups in our head about where they had dinner last night. A face-to-face interview cannot reveal whether the applicant is who he or she claims to be. But HireSafe manifests that it’s possible to switch the Sherlock mode on after the face-to-face interview and read & verify a candidate’s complete history through a range of services, starting from address verification to employment history check, education & credential history check, personal/ professional reference checks, criminal record checks, and drug test (5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 15 panel checks).

HireSafe boasts a dedicated physical verification department for each of its verification services. “They (physical verification teams) are all experienced people and they stick to our standard operating procedure. For instance, they verify an address by not just visiting the location, but also by cross verifying with the neighbors. Also, when it comes to employment history, we take confirmation from the HR, and not the reporting manager, because unlike a reporting manager, an HR professional is obliged to maintain the complete data of the candidate,” adjoins Hasan. Having a 50 people team and access to regional & global databases provides the company with enough flexibility to effectuate a fool-proof check strategy, while the three-level quality assurance process makes sure that the results are intact and reliable. After the executive level quality check, the results are run by a dedicated quality assurance team, before a last round verification by the branch manager. “We believe that it’s our responsibility to ascertain that the elementary intention of these results is to add value to our clients and influence their growth. Hence, we make sure that the written verification is provided to our clients within 10-15 working days at an affordable cost, which is less than the status quo,” he adds.

Hosting a Paradigm Shift
It’s a great omen that startups like HireSafe identify the gap in the industry and strive to take part in growth journeys rather than existing as a mere service provider. Indeed, this fresh approach has worked quite well for the company as well, recording over a 50 percent year-on-year growth. Going forward, predicts a $5.46 billion worth future for the employment screening market; no wonder HireSafe is setting its wings on fire, anticipating to conclude the current financial year with revenue in the range of Rs.5-10 crore. “The flaring market demand is a clear indicator for us to continue what we do. While it helps our immediate growth plans, our long term goals include building ties with companies abroad and expanding our operations the world over,” concludes Hasan.

HireSafe in Spotlight:
•A 2017-born, Bangalore-based company highly specialized in pre-employment background screening services across India.
•A NASSCOM member and holds ISO 9001: 2015 certification.
•Offering written verification within 10-15 working days, against the industry standard of 30 working days.
•A robust backend infrastructure with a more than 50 people strong workforce.
•Access to global and regional databases.
•A highly user-friendly platform that enables uploading documents online and provides real time updates of individual candidates.

Office: Bangalore