Guru Travels: Offering Complete Corporate Solution at Affordable Rates

N.Gurumurthy, Owner
N.Gurumurthy, Owner

India's proliferating BPO, KPO, and IT/ITES industries with 24/7 work shifts have raised requisite need of corporates to provide cab services for the safety and security of employees. Often, employees reach late to work due to delayed cab pick-ups and multiple pick-ups from locations that do not fall on the shortest route. Also, in the account of rotational shifts and increasing focus on women safety procedures, it is essential for companies to provide cabs that ensure the safe pick-up and drop of employees. Even though many service providers have set foot on the employee transportation industry, the sector in India is still highly unorganized. Fleet organizers employ undocumented and unverified drivers, putting the safety of employees in peril. Standing-out of the herd, Guru Travels was launched with a premium objective of offering a safe and reliable medium of travel to customers and with a vision to give a form and structure to customized solutions for various corporate client and other professionals and individuals.

Luxury, Not Just in Papers
Covering everything from complete transportation solution for corporates to cab service, airport
cab service, rental car service and
call driver's service, not only enables Guru Travels to offer end-to-end solutions to staff transportation domain, but also to offer hand-picked and customizable solutions to various commuters. The crux of the company is to deliver safe & comfortable transportation service for the employees in vehicle that meet every criteria mutually defined by it and the clients. Guru Travels is focused on offering luxurious experience with its best and brand new cars. Not just in words, but in reality it strives to stay constantly up to it. The vehicles are retained in the system for a maximum period of two years to ensure that the cars are in excellent mechanical condition.

"Guru Travels is stringent with the employment of well-educated, background verified chauffeur, which results in company’s quality services"

Unlike other companies, Guru Travels is stringent with the employment of well-educated, background verified chauffeur, which results in company’s quality services. They are polite, well groomed and courteous in nature, which ensures customer satisfaction along with better safety measures. The chauffeurs are capable enough to handle the trips without any need of technical assistance.

Services are comprised of on-time conveyance from/to multiple locations by the shortest routes, at reduced travel times. GPS installed vehicles enables real-time tracking, monitoring of vehicles en-routing from pick-up to last point of
drop. It also follows a dynamic response mechanism where control room supervisors co-ordinate all pickups and drops and communicate with the drivers to accommodate any changes in scheduled/route for pickups and drops. Embracing customization Guru Travels prepares route schedule for pickup and drop if a corporate organization provides the address of its employee. And, the services are cost efficient as the company offers a per head rate irrespective of distance in kilometers.

True Dedicated towards Responsibilities
The dedication of the company towards its responsibilities is truly exceptional. “In the year of 2015, the whole Chennai city was affected with heavy rainfall and covered with flood, we have given BCS (Business Continuity Services) to our valuable corporate companies. We have conducted timely pick-up and drop of more than 3000 staffs without any delay,” says N.Gurumurthy, Owner, Guru Travels Chennai.

Established in 2003 and starting it journey from Chennai, Guru Travels is currently having 600 plus vehicles, with more than 1000 employees and have become a veteran in the field of transportation services with experience of more than 15 years in staff transportation and cab services. Currently, Guru Travels serves PAN India with a strong presence in several major cities including key IT hubs and metro cities like Delhi, Noida, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai & Hyderabad.