Gravity Integrates: Combating Perpetrators with Intelligent Technology

Tabish Czar & Ejaz Czar,DirectorsAccording to Kroll’s survey, current and former employees are the biggest perpetrators of frauds in Indian corporates, where junior employees top the perpetrator chart with a monstrous 61 percent. Similarly, on the domestic level, more often than not, it’s the domestic help(house maid, driver, gardener and so on) that stands as the main weapon behind crimes such as house break, burglary, assault and even murder. Demolishing these backstabbers with intelligence is Gravity Integrates (GI), as it shields its clients by leveraging its vast coverage of tier-2 cities as well as with mobile application & dedicated client servers, which also permits the company to deliver results much faster.

Born in 2009 as a recruitment company, GI forayed into verifications vertical in 2011 when it realized that background screening of candidates(while recruiting & when they are placed) in corporate has become the need of the hour. Ensuring and maintaining client trust at all level and at all cost has helped the company to surge ahead of the competition and further widen its offerings. As evidence look no
further than the humungous growth of its revenue, which has leap frogged to a whopping 1000 percent since inception. GI has also experienced an impressive annual growth ratio which is sand wiched some where between 60&95 percent for the past five years.

To perform effective employee verification while maintaining confidentiality, GI utilizes resources of discreet verifications to understand the actual behavioural & working aspects of candidate

Ensuring Foolproof Delivery

Though GI offers various checks like vendor verification, medical claims & Know Your Customer, it has built its forte in Employee Background Screening (EBS), which includes permanent & present address verification, past employment history court/criminal record check, discreet check and education record check among others. With mobile applications, GI tags geo locations, which increases the credibility of physical visits. The company that caters to almost all types of industries tweaks its offerings as per client specific requirements. “We also do discreet check to understand other behavioural aspects of candidate if any,” expounds TabishCzar, Founder &CEO, Gravity Integrates. Due to the industry’s nascence, most clients have unrealistic
expectations in terms of commercials & turn around time. But once they experience GI service, they understand that excellent quality services require justifiable time and cost to ensure fool proof delivery.

To perform effective employee verification while maintaining confidentiality, GI utilizes resources of discreet verifications to understand the actual behavioural & working aspects of candidate. More over, GI doesn’t allow its FE’s to disclose identity of the applicant. The verification is mobile app based and every client is provided with a dedicated portal for real-time reporting which is authenticated with relevant photographs & GPS coordinate. The data remains in the server for a period of six months for client to access any time & thereafter is automatically destroyed unless the client demands otherwise.

Aiming for the Global Platform
The modus operandi being digital & real time factual reporting system backed with GPS coordinates, the company keeps all updated records akin to ID proof. In fact, GI performs complete verification of its own employees before keeping them on roll.The company strongly believes that if an individual understands his/her abilities, aptitudes, learning styles, values,work preferences and vocational personality, the opportunity for finding satisfaction and success in chosen profession is significantly enhanced and that is where GI’s vision lies. “We aim to reach a global platform with quality client servicing, exceptionally excellent trade practices and constant growth,” concludes Tabish.