Global Success: Blending Professional Training with a Personal Touch

Kalpesh Desai,Founder & Life Coach
Kalpesh Desai
Founder & Life Coach
Indian school system primarily focuses on exam results, ignoring the most important aspect of individual growth, i.e., soft skills development. A whopping 50 percent of students lack the vocational and cognitive skills, which signifies low orientation of the system and lower employ ability rate. Filling these gaps with its overarching services is Global Success, a training & consultancy services provider, which significantly improves the employ ability rate of its students by proficiently covering all the aspects of professional training in Public Speaking, Personality Development, English Conversation, Corporate Training, Business Development Training, Motivational Training and Personal Coaching.

Founded in 2000 with a unique vision of spreading education to every door step and a passion to empower lives of people through its training programs, Global Success is en route to its mission of developing the company as the largest training organization with its dedicated team and robust research division. Organizing various training programs for corporate employees, entrepreneurs, professionals, political & social leaders, teachers,
students, housewives, working women, sales executives & managers, the company has trained and guided thousands of people, empowering them to achieve their highest potential.

"Believing in enhanced quality service, Global Success transforms the personality of individuals with eight diverse training modules"

Innovative Training Programme
Believing in enhanced quality service, the company transforms the personality of individuals with eight diverse training modules. Its ‘Journey from Good to Great’ motivational training program is designed for the corporate employees to teach them how to be more productive & effective at the work place, personal ethics & professional ability, team building, positive attitude, management skill & customer relationship management. Focusing on overall personality development, Global Success covers inner & outer personality, personal grooming, management, behaviour, communication & leadership skills, mind management with meditation techniques and more. The company not only focuses on programs but also conducts workshops for its students to update them on relevant topics and market trends. Business Development workshops addresses a wide range of issues like business challenges in 21st century, setting & achieving SMART business goals, effective marketing techniques, and innovations & renovation in business.

Standing out from others in not only training the students but also the

trainers, the institute coaches trainers on effective ways to teach how to persuade audience, organizing short & long speech and use of presentation tools. Teaching method includes delivering lectures, screening of motivational videos, audio visual lectures, organizing exercise and assigning activities to the students.It is amongst the few institutes which provides best training materials in three different languages (Gujarati, Hindi & English), which showcases its dedication and quality of service. To acknowledge students’ growth, Global Success issues value added certificates on successful completion of the training module as well.

Leading the Way
Students can also benefit from the personal training session that encompasses numerous topics like maintain balance in personal, familiar, professional & social life and improve mental & physical fitness, under the guidance and counselling of Kalpesh Desai (Founder & Life Coach), who will analyse one’s personality & assist for the betterment of his student’s life. Considered as one of the top trainers in transformational leadership and public speaking with an experience of over 16 years in professional training, Kalpesh has trained more than 50,000 students. “We have conducted more than 600 seminars & 200 motivational workshops in various subjects at Educational Institutes, Corporate Companies, Social Organizations, Spiritual Events and Villages & Social Gatherings,” remarks Kalpesh.