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AjatShatru,CEO and Founder


CEO and Founder

Women often come across the circumstances where they are required to call quits to their career for the sake of their family. More often it is believed that a family suffers majorly if women work outside the house instead of the working on the house. Ajat Shatru, an industrial expert came acrossa similar situation at his home when his educated cousin was asked to leave her job after marriage to take care of the family. While Indian women have been closing the gender gap when it comes to education, a report by India Spends states that only 27 percent of Indian women are in the labour force – the lowest amongst the G-20 countries.The literacy rate amongst women is higher as compared to men, but it is essential that they are presented with right opportunities that would help them enhance their skills. Realizing this early on, Ajat came up with the idea of establishing a firm which could give women the prospect of working from home. Keeping up with this objective he established GharSeNaukri, a women’s career destination.
Tapping the Untapped Market
An online platform, focuses on offering work opportunities to women who are not working atpresent. The founding team of GharSeNaukri noticed that most house makers often have good qualifications that can fetch them a job in any decent company. Since, a regular office does not give the flexibility to work for 4 to 5 hours in a day, GharSeNaukri thought of making it possible for the women with potential. The firm’s core competency lies in the ecosystem that they are trying to create for women. The online portal is supported with all that is required by a woman to make her career, right from jobs based on skills to jobs based on location.The companies are also benefitted by such talent as most of their tasks which are outsourced can be easily outperformed by these women who can work inflexible hours without compromising the on-time delivery as well as the quantity.

GharSeNaukri is supported with all that is required by a woman to make her career, right from jobs based on skills to jobs based on location

“We have been helping job providers and companies for many of their requirements which they either outsource or are ready
to outsource, without compromising on quality and confidentiality. This not only saves the employer a huge amount of money as well as time but also allows women with experience and potential to shine out while they work from home,” adds Ajat Shatru, CEO and Founder, Ghar Se Naukri. If she needs some specific training / skill development before starting her career after a gap, Ghar Se Naukri also ensures a proper platform to facilitate such trainings.

Paving the Path Ahead
The core objective of GharSeNaukri is to engage very woman having any skill, irrespective of her social or economic status. With lacs of women registered on the portal and over thousand companies showing interest in the firm’s resources, Thousands of Opportunities are now available to Our Career and Community Platform where every woman can now engage herself from home. Concluding by sharing the future roadmap for the firm, Ajat says, “We have a broad plan to go and touch lives of millions of women based out of different cities and villages not only in India, but also in the neighboring countries. We have a short, mid and long term plans to achieve our goals. While our short term plan is to target all the major cities of India while making various jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities available to women, the long term plan is to support women sitting even at remotest locations across the globe.”