GExSearch: Empowering Organizational Growth with Talent Beyond Borders

Robin Thomas,CEO

Robin Thomas, Managing Director

In today’s frequently changing market of global technology, linear growth is replacing the exponential growth in businesses, bringing major implications for organizations by creating the need for leaders capable of navigating an entirely different universe. The ability to adapt to change and lead in uncertain environments has increasingly become a sought-after competency. This dire need has encouraged companies to opt for executive search firms which help the organizations to attract & retain a skilled executive for them. Catering to this need of the hour is GExSearch, a Gandhinagar-based executive search firm established in 2018, which exclusively focuses on IT, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Pharma, and more.

Finding executive-level talent is challenging, especially in the global platform of the candidate-driven market. But that’s where GExSearch excels by providing borderless talent solutions. “We are an innovative and progressive global recruitment company and we understand the importance of mapping talent pockets & generating a global pool of talent
for our clients,” states Robin Thomas, CEO, GExSearch. Migration of the executive talent across countries is the speciality of GExSearch

Going Beyond the Limitation of Geographic Realm
Nowadays, executive search is more interlinked with the business plan of the organizations, and GExSearch takes complete care of it with innovative sourcing and validating methods, which results in the outcome of a highly credible fitment. The firm follows Impact – Led approach, where it understands client’s exact needs, analyses the candidates & similar organizations to understand the market and then initiates the search for the best talent available in the city or migrates the talent from other parts of the country. Along with this, GExSearch covers the most important parameters like skills, culture and attitude while searching for a candidate who enables the firm to ensure the best fitment in all aspects. These strategies have helped GExSearch to master the technique of identifying active & passive candidates while segregating genuine job seekers form window shoppers. With conducting such a long interviewing process along with psychometric assessments, GExSearch confirms the right fitment both in terms of need and attitude.

GExSearch leverages its in-house developed technological tools to stay in touch with its clients. The firm has also moved into process automation. So once it gets a
mandate on the cart, the team puts it into the software which publishes the requirements and scrutinizes available candidates in social platforms. The firm starts with identifying the targeted industry and goes ahead with finding the best candidate using the social network followed by approaching them personally. GExSearch’s highly specialized consultants who have a great amount of experience in executive search then take care of the further process by speaking, analysing and validating the interest level of the candidates. Indeed, finding the right talent and mapping the right industry which is not in the local geographical realm is a difficult task for search firms. New job, new geography and new work environment are the reasons why many employees leave in the interim stage of their job. GExSearch’s process ensures that candidates are comfortably inducted to avoid initial teething problems. The firm provides a local orientation program for all the migrated candidates that helps them to familiarize and acclimatize into the new environment.

Being prominently strict about data security of the candidates, the firm adheres to GDPR compliance, uses highly secured tools & techniques while offering services and hosts entire data on its secure cloud server to make it theft-proof. With such dedicated & determined services, GExSearch has placed close to 25 top executives globally till date, and is looking forward to launching its new products in employment market while setting-up a branch in Pune in coming future.