Getinz: Striving to Provide Superior HR Solutions to Connect People & Opportunities

By Surya Narayanan R. P,     Managing Partner

By Surya Narayanan R. P

Managing Partner

Established in 2016, Getinz is a premier recruitment firm based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company was envisioned through a general discussion about the gap that exists in recruitment. Despite the availability of opportunities, employees and employers in India have been struggling to find the correct fit for themselves. As discussions grew, and ideas started to form, these friends, casually discussing the needs of the market and what can be done, decided to choose the path of entrepreneurship, with a company that would act like the Uber of recruitment. Since its inception, Getinz has been focused on providing solutions to companies by recruiting well-suited candidates for various job roles.

Through years of experience, team Getinz has acquired mastery in analyzing the talent pool and presenting their clients with the ideal candidates. Getinz takes pride in its analytical skills and quick turnaround time, which has been possible through the automation of processes. “We use the latest tools, similar to how top product companies use to simplify the process and we always invest in people and tools which make everyone’s work easier and smarter. We use tools that simplify the candidate lifecycle from screening to onboarding”, says SuryaNarayanan RP, Managing Partner, Getinz.

Offering Complete Hiring Solutions
Getinz’s unique perspective on seeing an employee as more than a mere cog in the machine is what gives them that extra edge
over their competition. Adding a human touch to an otherwise fairly computerized process, Getinz looks at every potential candidate as a value-adding identity for a company. Catering to a wide array of industries including Telecom, Supply Chain Management, Financial Services, Oil and Energy, Engineering and Industrials, IT, and Medical and Healthcare, Getinz understands the values its clients are looking for and implements innovative methods of finding the ideal candidates.

Such out-of-the-box thinking has led to Getinz becoming a trusted name in the industry. “Our USP is always delivering the right candidate in a short span of time. Every company needs a person to onboard the very next day itself. Our team works to find such people in the market without compromising quality”, adds Surya Narayanan.

Through consistency of Effort, Getinz has built a Trustworthy position for Itself in the market, and They hope to keep this Growing

Vision, Mission, And Future
Getinz was incorporated with the idea of connecting people and companies, thereby creating value for all its clients in the long term. Encouraging relevant connections Getinz is fulfilling its mission to provide superior HR solutions for improved productivity. they firmly believe that the correct candidate does not just have the required qualifications, but also the right attitude for the company. Getinz is continually working and rethinking strategies to increase engagement by partnering with companies to not only understand job roles but also the values on which the company functions. Such intimate interest in every client has led to their growth from day one. Through consistency of effort, Getinz has built a trustworthy position for itself in the market, and they hope to keep this growing.

Getinz is setting itself up to launch globally, with UAE and Singapore as their primary target market. Focus on building cohesive teams for MSMEs and scaling them are the current strategies Getinz is adopting to carve out a niche market for itself. To achieve this success, the firm is also working on the automation of daily tasks by developing Robotic Process Automation Software.

With interview conduction through augmented reality, fake candidates and duplicate candidates would also be removed quickly. With the market always growing in terms of both opportunities and suitable candidates, Getinz expects a year-by-year growth in business, which would help the firm expand business internationally.