Fourth Force: Verification Juggernaut Conducting On-Field Investigation Nationwide

Sanal Kumar,CFOIt is nearly impossible for verification agencies to complete verification of a fake insurance claim when the accident happens in Bangalore-Chennai highway with a vehicle listed in Punjab and driven by a Rajasthani driver, as they tend to cut the corner in a place or two. But impossible is what Fourth Force specializes in – whether it’s verifying a motor accident claim in unbearable minus 20o Celsius of Kargil, investigating in the terrifying Chhattisgarh Naxalite area, unearthing a truck hijack conspiracy in Azamgarh-Raipur highway, exposing a fraudulent senior employee in an MNC, or recovering stolen watches container in Varanasi or exposing the truthful background of a prospective groom. Not only the name is aggressive, so is the growth trajectory (400 percent revenue growth in FY2016) of this verification juggernaut, which has been catering to 22 insurance companies including SBI General, Reliance, ICICI Lombard& TATA AIG Insurance along with numerous non-insurance clients such as Ola, ITC& Apollo Hospitals, all this within just one year.

Being an arm of Agni, a $100million conglomerate,2015-founded Fourth Force was in one shot catapulted to the top five verification companies in India and got
crowned as the Indian company performing on site verification across 29 states(corporate offices in Chennai (headquarter), Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal and Kolkatta, and representative offices in other states), as opposed to solely on desk-based research results or identification of reliable sources. “We go the extra mile to deliver unquestionably accurate results. For example, our people verify address by going to the address provided by the client and not just phone call verification,” proclaims Sanal Kumar, CFO, Fourth Force. Even more impressive is the fact that the company could accomplish a task in 30 days that typically take 45-50 days due to the expanse.

With its web-enabled services, the investigators update every findings and progress to the software instantly via the tablet provided to them, which can be accessed by that particular client online anytime

The credit can be attributed to the 225 handpicked investigators who are on Fourth Force’s payroll, PAN India and merely not outsourcing work. The company further fast-tracks this labour-intensive process by integrating technology, wherein every detail given by client gets uploaded to its proprietary operational software and automatically assigned to appropriate investigators in that zone based on the pin code. With its web-enabled services, the investigators update every findings and progress to the software instantly via the tablet provided to
them, which can be accessed by that particular client online any time.

Customized Solutions

Proffering a wide range of services covering all possible verifications, Fourth Force charges clients based on the depth of services requested by them. Its corporate & business hiring service, for instance, encompasses background screening (verifying licenses/certificates, education, address, antecedents, references and so on), social media screening, drug screening and other specified areas on request – from which clients can choose. Fourth Force derives 90 percent of its income from this vertical along with Insurance and Banking & Financial vertical, while the remaining 10 percent comes from Supply Chain investigation, matrimony &domestic help verification and other value added services.

Valiant & Honest Officers

Having the States headed by former police officers empowers Fourth Force to deliver data as per client’s necessity and at a pace of delivery of reports which is one of the best in the industry..The company has the alchemical mix of dynamic, honest & valiant young verification officers as well as veterans who carry a legacy of experience such as SK Peshin (Director – North & West), former CBI Officer who has team member investigating Telgi fake stamp case, recovery of stolen works of Raja Ravi Varma and others, the illustrious MukeshChanderSahni (Director – Central & East), former CBI Officer who has handled internationally-publicized drug racketeering and illegal arms possession and G Manoharan (Director –South) recipient of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Police Medal for Outstanding Devotion to Duty.