Fluency Center: Imparting The Skill For Learning To Learn

Mangalaprathaban Muralidharan,Managing PartnerIt's estimated that more than 1.5 billion people speak English. Of those, only 360 million claim English as their mother tongue. Though English is the most studied language globally, it can be difficult to speak proficiently.

Students may be good at using English in everyday situations, but business English, like academic English, requires specific content-related skills such as business vocabulary, idioms and cultural understanding. Knowing to use the right words in the right business context is more important than ever. Proper business English is more important than ever with increased globalization. Perhaps the most difficult aspects of English writing are style and rhetoric.

The transfer of cultural thought patterns from one linguistic base to another results in comments on student papers such as “loose ends, vague, or wordy." The accepted patterns of English rhetoric must be taught through a systematic approach that gives the writers plenty of opportunity for revision and extensive reading. Today, many companies are recognizing the importance of English in the workplace as a way to create better internal and external communication, as well as creating uniformity in general forms of correspondence and business documents.

Not every English teacher could deliver the same effect. For this, there are specialized trainers, called ESL teachers who have adept skills to impart the required knowledge in English. Mangalaprathaban Muralidharan (aka NM Mangalbalaji) is on the most sought after corporate trainer, course developer and curriculum consultant for international schools and colleges/universities. Having gathered extensive experience teaching ESL, he was finally enlightened with idea of establishing his forte into an organization. It was the year 2004, that the idea to start some training sessions first germinated.

From a humble beginning, training a few colleagues (most of whom were teachers and technologists) at NGM College, Pollachi, NM Mangalbalaji's new venture took shape into a full fledged training centre with students joining for various courses ranging from everyday English, to IELTS, International Business English etc. A few more months later, the firm also introduced classes for certification courses like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT etc. This was the initial steps for Fluency Center.

Going forward, the Fluency Center was invited over by corporates too. One of the vendors for Cognizant approached Mangalbalaji to offer his training to the staff members. His work left such a productive impression that Cognizant too, at a later point of time, leveraged Managalbalaji's expertise.

Customized Approach Towards Learning
Fluency Center offers a myriad of training programs based on the student's requirement. For every certification program that Fluency Center offers, it has kept a benchmark of highest scores achieved by the student. Fluency Center essentially offers Corporate Training, International Certifications, Foreign language Training, and Precampus Training

The programs designed are all customized to individuals caliber to grasp it. More so, every high scorer's performance is analyzed to
identify the parameters that the student met to have achieved that score. Accordingly, those parameters are kept as presets to tailor and customize newer program modules for another individual. Through this approach of identifying and individualizing programs, Fluency Center has been able to maintain an excellent track record of highest scores. This, however, remain just one of the many factors that Fluency Center adopts to impart 100 percent result oriented training.

The second approach is to create an idea bank on various modules of learning. Identifying the right resources in terms of microdots and micromodules and giving them one at a time is essentially the key. This is carried out while verifying the process on the go, to check whether its working. The whole process is also made interesting by multimodal composition using all kinds of media. Fluency Center uses a plethora of available resources to make sure the training is complete with nothing but positive results. Speaking on the importance of such approach, Mangalbalaji says, "This is because of my interest in understanding education. My post graduation gave me clarity on how to design a curriculum or design a course. So that's how I am able to design all the courses I offer".

The key significant factor for Fluency Center is the High quality learning experience that the firm imparts to its learners. More so, the firm led by Mangalbalaji involves its participants into a reflective learning process. They learn to learn things. They strategize their learning process, wherein they self-learn, thus becoming independent learners. This is a very essential quality of any aspirant who wants to learn and keep learning.

Past alumni have testified how they're learning potential catapulted after having attended one of Mangalbalaji's learning programs. They learned to create new strategies of learning, while also mapping their talent. This is also one of many reasons that made corporates' heads turn. Besides, Mangalbalaji has trained and has students across 15 countries. These participants or students usually love to learn English but do not have the right resources. If they have, they're in English. Therefore, for a trainer it is difficult to improvise as per the candidate's learning curve and mother tongue. Mangalbalaji, however, is known for simplifying the learning process. That has been Mnagalbalaji's mantra.

The key significant factor for fluency center is the high quality learning experience that the firm imparts to its learners. More so, the firm led by Mangalbalaji involves its participants into a reflective learning process

Helping Each Other Learn & Grow
Fluency Center has 40 to 50 trainers assigned for various portfolios based on their expertise. Mangalbalaji has on-boarded trainers with hands-on experience in a plethora of domain, and cultures. Every trainer is as good as the other, there is no comparison whatsoever. Most importantly, Fluency Center encourages the assessment of trainers by the participants. Identifying shortcomings and learning by sharing is a concept propagated, and adopted at Fluency Center. This keeps the skill levels at par and higher for the faculty overall. Counseling learning is key at Fluency Centers work culture. A lot of motivation, techniques and knowledge sharing take place in the firm. This works for participants as well. Mangalbalaji recalls, "My first training session was way back in 2004. Now it's 2021, and I still get to meet candidates who come across and say `hey, remember me, I was from that batch, you trained me that year'. It's a pleasant experience to know who did good; the knowledge that you've really transformed them at least in one microarea. That's a great feeling and the success that I celebrate". Mangalbalaji keeps expanding the horizon and continues to try new things. He himself ensures to attends news courses every year to stay abreast with the latest in the industry.

“Fluency center has 40 to 50 trainers assigned for various portfolios based on their expertise. Mangalbalaji has onboarded trainers with hands-on experience in a plethora of domain, and cultures”

Mangalbalaji, is an avid reader, and loves to watch English training sessions from across the globe. He also is a poet with a book to his name published by Express publications. Managalbalaji's Youtube channel launched in2011 carries those poems that are still close to his heart.

From a humble beginning in 2004, Fluency Center has done remarkably well. This success is the result all the happy and satisfied participants who found their learning potential at Fluency Center. The future is promising for the firm. In the years to come, Mangalbalaji intends to automate the online classes and also introduce an in-house assessment system. This and many more new concepts and modules are awaiting for the learners out there. Mangalbalaji is enthused and hopeful for the future.

Fluency Center's Feature
Fluency Center was a vendor for CTS, Magna Electro Castings, Vasantha Advanced Systems, Universal Radiators, Reasons Technology, RJN Software Solutions and other academic institutions too. Mangalaprathaban has authored and edited textbooks for Amaira Publications and Viva Publications.