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Amit Singh,Senior VP & Head

Amit Singh

Senior VP & Head

"From small businesses to global organizations, spanning a wide range of industries, our suite of background verification services includes pre employment check, education records, employment history, address verification, criminal searches and much more which helps our customers hire with confidence and stay compliant," says Amit Singh, Senior VP and Head at First Advantage.

The company is a leading global provider of technology solutions for screening, verifications, safety, and compliance related to human capital. We offer a robust combination of searches and service insights to help mitigate risk verifying of qualifications of talent.

In an exclusive interview with the team at Silicon India, Amit details about First Advantage, the services they offer, technologies leveraged and much more. Read on...

What are the unique features about your background verification services at First Advantage that give you a competitive edge over others in this vast industry? What is the USP?
With an advanced global technology platform, superior customer service and compliance expertise, we have an excellent market changing innovation such as RPA, AI, advanced products for next generation employees which helps in making the verification process simpler, quicker and smarter.

Tell us about the credentials that you verify during the background verification process and how do you ensure that the evidence provided is authentic?
First Advantage verifies a candidate's credentials through identity proofs, age proof, address proofs, education and employment proofs to ensure KYC compliance. Our team of experts then validate the records during the verification process.

Shed some light on the team that is involved in background verification along with their experience and expertise.
First Advantage has a team of experts who understand the requirements of the companies. Many of our employees have worked in the screening industry for more than 25 years. Currently we are operating in 26 locations, with over 4,200 employees with the capability of running searches in 200+ countries and territories.
Explain the tools & technologies that you leverage while delivering background verification services?
With technological advancements in Digitization RPA & Big Data, companies have been able to automate a lot of manual processes. Here are examples of a few tools which we use for background verification.

Digital Onboarding, this service assures efficient online onboarding of the candidate, removes the hassle of paperwork and further eliminates the need of the candidate's physical presence.

The company is a leading global provider of technology solutions for screening, verifications, safety, and compliance related to human capital

Digital Address, using digital methodology thus enabling a fast, reliable validation. An automated solution which uses advanced GPS technology to match the geographic coordinates of the address provided by the candidate.

E-Court this automated solution provides instant information regarding any reportable criminal history records on a candidate via the e-court database.

Employment verification using UAN, for this process we use the UAN, to assist with the verification of a candidate’s association with the listed employer and the dates of enrollment using the EPFO portal for records.

Vendor Screening, these are solutions that help in minimizing a company’s potential liability by screening current agencies, prospective customers, vendors, and suppliers. This solution helps businesses take decisions to expand operations by verifying vendor's credentials.

What are the compliances that you adhere to? Tell us about the certifications & accreditations that you hold.
At First Advantage, we are committed to your success. An important part of your employment screening program involves compliance with applicable laws. First Advantage has processes and procedures to maintain compliance with those laws and regulations as well as providing its customers with relevant information about those applicable laws for our customers' use of our products and services. First Advantage has accreditation and certifications from the Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA) as well as associations with numerous industry trade associations. We are ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 Certified.

Are we going to see any innovations from your side in your service portfolio in the near future?
Innovation, transformation, and leadership is at the core of all our endeavors. With our digital initiatives driven by modern technology and alternate screening solutions, we have transformed our processes to adapt with the changing environmental and economic conditions.

We have deployed various cutting edge technologies in the background screening industry to make the verification processcompliant, effective accurate and faster.