ExtraMile: The Mary Poppins of Engagement

Pooja Bajaj, Founder & CEO

Pooja Bajaj Chadha, Founder & CEO

It is essential that businesses engage with their staff to keep their workforce motivated and productive, since poor employee engagement can lead to a company’s downfall. Looking at the benefits, organizations today have started adopting employee engagement programs. But companies with PAN India presence find it difficult to plan simultaneous engagement for employees across offices.

To fill this void, ExtraMile - an employee benefits service provider covering face-to-face, virtual and mobile engagement, surges ahead with focus on its unique concept of employee engagement solutions centered on experiential training, distinctive digital mobile programs, and on-the-floor engagement activities. Be it a Bank with 45,000+ employees across the country or a startup with only20 employees, ExtraMile is well known for its expertise in catering to the diverse needs of its clients.

“They call us the ‘Mary Poppins’ of Engagement - one with something exciting always in-store that can change the way employees are engaged,” says Pooja Bajaj, Founder & CEO, ExtraMile. The company’s activities are largely
based on exciting modules like art,music, comedy, theatre and sports, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. But what is remarkable is its innovative digital engagement network, which helps employees to connect with each other across the globe to participate, play, laugh, bond and have fun, all at the same time.

"They call us the ‘Mary Poppins’ of Engagement - one with something exciting always in-store that can change the way employees are engaged"

Innovative, Creative & Inspiring Solutions
Back in 2014, when engagement levels dropped and CHROs were looking-out for solutions to reach a wider audience, ExtraMile came-up with the cost-effective solution of Digital team engagement. This innovative solution covered everything from training programs to internal communication, and learning initiatives to gamified solutions, which helped HRs reach the wider audience at low costs (approx. Rs.10 per person). Its DIY solutions suit the lower budgets with the same effective impact for corporates who demand on-the-floor activities.

Being an one-stop-shop for all kinds of employee engagement needs, ExtraMile offers four strong programs under one roof. Team building offers customized experiences, game-based learning and experiential scenarios, which include new-age method of learning with fun, skill-development games, and offbeat solutions, whereas Digital Engagement comprises of unusual & innovative digital activities that help corporates create a digital engagement network with solutions
like quiz, online games, tambola, and more. Office Engagement aims to help corporates visit their office floor and engage with their team once in a month like on Women’s Day, as well as the creative, off beat meets like ‘Star Wars Day,’ while Creative Communication helps HRs in transforming their employee’s monotonous inbox into a creative & interesting one with their custom theme aided mailers, danglers, posters, tent cards, standees, brochures, wobblers and others.

“Our engagement services are unique, quirky, and executed the ExtraMile way - be it a Blockbuster-themed event or even an activity based on the current affairs in the country! We devise engagement programs that build empathy in the minds of the employees by making an impact not only to those who experience the difference, but more to those employees who provide it, like cleaning the streets at busy railways stations or building bicycles and wheelchairs to donate to orphanages/old-age homes, visiting schools to provide self-defense advice or mentoring the young girls,” asserts Pooja.

With big brands like Aditya Birla Capital, the tech giant Google, MakeMyTrip and McDonald’s being some of the illustrious clients, ExtraMile today stands tall with its 75+ client base. Since its inception in 2013, the company has seen a 50 percent revenue growth YoY, while constantly analyzing the progress to identify gaps and opportunities in the market. In the past two years, ExtraMile has witnessed tremendous growth after introducing the key offerings, and partnering with clients across diverse sectors.