Executive Counselling: Empowering you in Overcoming Distress

Rajesh Menon,  Executive Counsellor & Wellness Trainer

Rajesh Menon

Executive Counsellor & Wellness Trainer

The long, exhausting workfrom- home schedule, the unwelcome work pressure, and the communication gap between employer and employees all harm the mental health of working executives. This is the new normal, and businesses and employees will have to put up with it for a while. Corporate wellness services will play a significant role in addressing mental and physical health issues in these stressful times, but their approach to client interaction and providing personalized services will change significantly. Executive Counselling based in Vadodara, has been taking the lead in corporate India in tackling these taboos by providing working people with expert assistance so they can handle stress and anxiety at the workplace.

When there was a bloodbath of job losses in the period around 2020, Executive Counselling was incepted. Distress and mental anguish were pervasive, and mental disturbances brought on by job losses, job loss anxiety, family conflicts, and relationship issues were common. Many teenagers, both male, and female had depression-related and suicidal thoughts. Executive Counselling was established as a result of the lockdown period's opportunity to consider how to assist struggling corporate sector employees. It was founded as a charitable endeavor with the support of a
neuropsychiatric physician, and was later joined by a few other wellness professionals.

Rajesh Menon, a corporate professional, is currently in charge of Executive Counselling, a sole proprietorship business. Menon emphasized the need for each organization to develop a mental health policy and the need to destigmatize mental health in a research paper he wrote for the Indian Journal of Training and Development. According to Menon, group training programs are ineffective for addressing mental health issues instead, one-on-one counselling is necessary because, in today's society, even among the educated, mental health issues are seen less as disorders and more as personal flaws. Therefore, this situation presents a chance for executive counselling, where the company can assist the HR department in developing a mental health policy.

Executive counselling Has been specifically Designed to meet the Needs of knowledge Workers, from students to Professionals

Executive Counselling is a one person business that enables individual executives to request an appointment and simply talk about their issues. The first conversation is complimentary and only costs money if it requires a lengthy session. Along with individual counselling, it also offers leadership mentoring, particularly to senior individuals, where it assists them in advising on daily choices. Leaders must make decisions on their own, often, and Executive Counselling can serve as a trusted advisor. The company also runs emotional clinics, a novel idea in which it interacts with employees and their problems as a doctor and patients right now online.

Executive Counselling is a counselling & training group made up of working professionals who currently only interact with clients online. Counselling on organizational issues, mental health profiling, and therapy are the services offered to individuals. The company typically uses a customized and distinctive variation of cognitive behavior therapy in its approach. It also conducts a mental audit and creates corporate policies. On the team, there is a doctor who handles medically necessary psychiatric issues, and there are also two wellness coaches who focus on training and recovery. “In the upcoming days, we expect to establish connections with psychologists, trainers, and counselors who share our values to appoint them to roles where they can perform executive counselling-related responsibilities. We are having a conversation about HR-based organizations to determine a shared area of growth”, concludes Rajesh Menon.