Erudition Infinite: Striving to Guide People and Organizations to Succeed in their Roles and Accomplish Objectives And Long Term Life Goals

Lt Col Shreesh Kumar (Retd),Founder & CEOToday's dynamic business strategies have to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies, demanding customer preferences, and an extremely competitive marketplace. Development initiatives must focus on knowledge and skill development to stay ahead in the game with a superior workforce. Embracing a knowledge culture built on the bedrock of learning and development will set up any company for enduring success in the long term.

Established in 2009, Erudition Infinite is Lt Col Shreesh Kumar's brainchild, an Army veteran with over 21 years of service and more than a decade in corporate assignments. The Firm provides workforce development solutions to cater to a broad spectrum of businesses. Besides employees from corporate and government entities at all levels, the Firm also addresses the requirements of students of various specialties. Lt Col Shreesh Kumar is a graduate of the National Defence Academy, Pune, a BTech (Mech) from C.M.E. Pune, and M.E. from IISc Bengaluru. He is a certified Lead Assessor for QMS ISO 9001:2015, BCMS ISO 22301:2019, ISMS 27001:2013, Certified AMFI, and Certified Corporate Trainer.

The Firm offers a wide range of workforce development programs under the umbrella of Corporate Training. These include Communication Skills, Leadership, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Business Etiquette, Life Skills, Train the Trainer, Project Management, Campus to Corporate Transition, Building Resilience, and a host of other areas. The client can choose
as per their training needs. The flagship service offered by Erudition Infinite is Personality development. Col Shreesh Kumar says, “Personality encompasses an infinite number of contributing factors. Individuals have to adapt to develop attitudes that will help them acquire knowledge and skills, apply them correctly, and learn from experience to permanently imbibe the most critical positive attributes.

In this program, we cover topics like integrity, self-motivation, goal setting, empathy, discipline, adaptability, effective communication, the pursuit of knowledge and excellence, presentation skills, etiquette, time and stress management, interpersonal relations, work-life balance, cross-cultural interaction, conflict management, entrepreneurial skills, team building, effective and ethical leadership, cost management, public speaking, problem-solving, crisis management and many more. Our interactive training aims to transform, make good team players and leaders, evolve value systems to live by and share those learnings and mentor others. “

Erudition infinite emphasizes bringing out the best in an individual or organization by helping them to identify their talents, set and accomplish goals, and succeed in their endeavors

Helping Others to Succeed:
Erudition Infinite emphasizes bringing out the best in an individual or organization by helping them to identify their talents, set and accomplish goals, and succeed in their endeavors. The concept of multiple intelligences, use of tools like SWOT analysis, in conjunction with reflections on own life experiences, are aids to helping individuals find their mojo. The focus is on helping to navigate the thought process and then spurring oneself to align with one's desired personal or organizational goals. Bringing about awareness of the significance of one's role at a personal level and in the organization's scheme of things is a critical deliverable in the Firm's T & D process.

Besides development programs, Erudition Infinite also offers organizational development solutions, thinking ahead from individual to the corporate entity. Performing a needs analysis by looking at core business processes data, employees' expertise, perceived deficiencies, desired and actual outcomes, the Firm provides tailor-made re-organization solutions and customized programs to their clients. Col Kumar's operational army combat experience and leadership stints in Corporate help steer the Firm's pursuit of excellence. Delivery of solutions in a non-contact manner via online platforms is also an option in the pandemic scenario.

The Firm envisions a bright future as a leader in learning and development, organization development, and management consulting.