Empower Rewards: Empowering Beneficial Relationships with Loyalty & Management Programs

Rohit Lamba, CEO

Rohit Lamba, CEO

Employee management is one way to help turn an underperforming employee around or prevent high-performing employees from becoming weak performers. The concept of employee management is more than just making sure that people are doing their jobs. It has a variety of procedures & strategies that can help you measure, monitor, and interact with the workforce that plays a huge role in your company. As such, Mumbai-based Empower Rewards focuses on enhancing a company’s brand value and recognition through the means of custom-made programs. It enables businesses to unlock their full potential and drive incremental profits by applying such customized programs aimed at managing the individuals, thereby impacting the companies at large.

Equipped with analytical tools, robust technological platforms and marketing resources, Empower Rewards provides loyalty solutions for stakeholders of businesses across segments. “From initiating a loyalty program for customers, influencers, employees or channel partners, we operate as a one-stop-shop for concept, design and execution,” explains Rohit Lamba, CEO, Empower Rewards.
The One-Stop-Shop of Loyalty Program
Loyalty programs that reward customers can be hugely successful, and they aren't just for large national companies, but also for smaller ones. Endeavouring to trap the benefits of loyalty programs, Empower Rewards proffers a complete solution for all Loyalty Program requirements – right from identifying an organization’s most valuable customers, leveraging the company’s channel strengths and market potential, to strengthening connection with its influencers and motivating them to recommend the company’s products to their customers.

" The company’s strength lies in its ability to design a data-driven loyalty program that influences the patrons’ decisions and behaviour"

The company’s strength lies in its ability to design a data - driven loyalty program that influences the patrons’ decisions and behaviour, which are achieved by combining aspirations and emotions to the findings of the Analytics & Insights team. For this enhanced platform, it becomes by & large mandatory to keep the platform secure, scalable, and flexible, allowing multiple back-ups and multiple instance creation.

Empower Rewards has the right mix of rewards to suit budgets, and thereby offers a wide range of customized catalogue and reward options, ranging from leather goods & accessories to cars & international trips. A one stop-shop in the truest sense, it even has its own in-house call centre setup, creative team and a
procurement team for the Rewards catalogue.

Engaging Employees
Empower Rewards has a consolidated Employee Engagement platform for managing multiple levels of employee recognition and rewards. This one-of-its-kind platform can be integrated into the internal systems and hierarchy of any organization and can be integrated with any existing systems thus, saving time and costs. The Employee Programs cover Sales Incentive Programs, Referral Programs, Performance Rewards and Long Service Rewards, among other customisable programs that attract talented employees, foster personal growth & development, and implement R&R programs more effectively, powerfully and conveniently by ensuring maximum mileage for each penny.

Being the Vanguard
This 1996-established company has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in the country like Sanofi, Koye Pharma, TCS, Adani Wilmar, Hershey’s, ICICI, SBI, GSK, Bayer, and Viacom18, to name a few. With every passing year, Empower Rewards is steering itself to ride the technological wave by adopting Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality in employee benefits and loyalty programs to re-define the offerings in the Loyalty space. This 120-employee strong company has become a big name to reckon with and the evidence gets reflected when Sanofi India won the 'OPPI Award for Best Supporting Program’ in 2016 for the ‘SHUBHLABH Wholesaler Program' designed & developed by Empower Rewards.