EliteRecruitments: Economized, Insightful & Top-Notch Hiring across Actuarial, Analytics & BFSI Domains

Shagun Gupta,CEODealing primarily with risk management, actuaries are the backbone of insurance companies who advise managers on how to reduce any likely financial impact of adverse events. The role in itself is an epitome of responsibilities and only cognizant actuaries can act accordingly. But finding cognoscente actuaries are just like finding needle in the haystack and only an expert eye can do the job diligently. EliteRecruitments is one among the handful of such recruitment companies in India that expertise in this act. The company embarked on to actuarial recruitment in 2014 with deep insights about recruitment style & needs of client’s hiring manager, technical skills, mien & communication skills of candidates, and keywords in their CVs as a layman would do. Since majority of its clients were insurance companies or consulting companies associated with insurance services, it was easy for the firm to cater to the BFSI space by spending much time with the candidates and knowing their interests, patience & aggression levels, previous work experiences and other facets before the actual screening process.

Strategic Hiring
“Unlike other recruiters who

EliteRecruitments has dedicated teams to execute a proper research on the gravity of each vacant role, eligibility of each applied candidate and then handover the process to hiring managers

simultaneously play diverse roles in
managing multiple positions, we traverse each domain, grasp the essence of each significant position in it, share experiential learning on closing it, excel at the process and then venture into a new domain,” asserts Shagun Gupta, Founder & CEO, EliteRecruitments. This is how the company expanded its service offerings beyond actuarial. Comprehending the industry and post gaining significant expertise in the field, Elite Recruitments plunged into analytics wherein its team of consultants execute a mandatory research to understand different terms & branches in analytics in layman terms and reciprocate well to clients. Interestingly, EliteRecruitments closed many significant positions in less time and ensures to perform adeptly when faced with similar hiring scenarios. Further when its clients were incapable of identifying the right talent from a deluge of kindred CVs and also faced higher rejections from recruited candidates, the firm carved its niche in management consultancy and FSRM spaces to address their cyber & technology risk management issues.

EliteRecruitments has dedicated teams to execute a proper research
on the gravity of each vacant role, eligibility of each applied candidate and then handover the process to hiring managers which emphasizes its quality of hiring and not just filling up vacant positions. This indeed economizes the time for screening candidates and also the expenditures resulting in a perfect closure of a single role from selected applications rather than zero closures from profuse applications.

EliteRecruitments believes that every recruitment company today has to balance their clients’ requirements with the available market resources by proper market research and a lot of market mapping on the client’s firm, its hiring budget, its current number of employees & their experiences, and its competitors in the market looking out for the same skills set. Also, the candidate’s willingness on relocation, their motivation to apply for a role and the vision for their career are other important facets that are ought to be considered. Clearly, the firm aspires to become a strategic partner to clients by closing positions faster for them, maintaining backups in case of dropouts and also ensuring that their candidates stay happy & interested in holding relations with them. To enrich the current revenue growth from 20-25 percent to 35 percent in the next FY, EliteRecruitments is planning to expand its client base, acquire more businesses from them and help them by undertaking all strategic roles. The firm today silhouettes as a boutique consulting firm that managed to build a significant yet growing client base by delivering them services with unparalleled quality and skills set.