Elements Human Resource Services: Leveraging Decade Long Experience to Offer Real Time HR Solutions

Amit Kapoor, Managing Director

Amit Kapoor

Managing Director

Picking out the right workforce for companies as expansive as the Fortune 500 members is no easy task, thanks to their high end demands and global reputation. Delhi based Elements HR Services, one of the leading HR partners of big corporate giants, offers their services ranging from Executive Search, Talent Analytics to Recruitment Process Management, for across functions, geographies and industries.

Often we hear success stories of people who leave their successful jobs to do things their way. Set up in 2004 the inception story of EHRS is one of enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, it was at this point of time that Amit Kapoor (Founder) quit his job and kicked off an ambitious project of delivering quality opportunities to individuals to work in their dream jobs and provide work life balance. Nourished by the sole idea to bind great talent with great organization, Elements has been excelling in the area of talent acquisition across all industry verticals, be it Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Technology, Human Resource, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Market
Research, ITES and many more.

Through extensive research,the team tries to understand the kind of pool that is available and accordingly screens apt profiles to help save clients’capital, time and increase productivity

Moreover, for the rising start-ups they offer‘Start-up boot’program which takes care of end-to-end recruitment & staffing process. The job seekers too can avail career counselling & unwavering guidance by the industry experts at EHRS and self analyze their career path. Additionally the company is eyeing an entirely new dimension of diversity based hiring. This vision & the use of prevailing technology today have led them to create a master piece for tomorrow!

Using Technology optimally in Recruiting Process – that's SIGN ON!
Elements relies on quality and speed as its two major parameters in offering varied services. Through extensive research, the team tries to understand the kind of pool that is available and accordingly screens apt profiles to help save clients’ capital, time and increase productivity. Keeping the predictive behaviour in mind, the company will soon launch ‘SIGNON’, a carefully engineered AI based recruiting & staffing tool, designed for creating a pool of talent using big data and predictive analysis.
Designed to take recruitment to the next level, it’s a technology driven tool which gives a quick fix to aspirants, recruiters and instructors. From providing information about the background of the employer to gliding through the complete interview process; SignOn assures a hassle free experience to both the employer and the candidates.

In words of Amit,“Today, the world of recruiting has gone nearly 100-percent digital. We believe that the need to strike a delicate balance between technology and personal touch is imperative. Taking note of it, we will be soon launching a seamless blend of these two factors and simultaneously offering a wide range of services. Our endeavor has been to build a multitasking platform which can be used by a diversified audience ranging from individuals to companies & the industry giants as our mentors. Successful employers will need to embrace some forms of technology to speed up the hiring process and deliver results. SignOn works with innovative assessment and filtering techniques which will help provide a 360° holistic view of applicants”.

Post achieving a four times revenue than the previous year, the company now plans to expand its workforce to 150 by the end of 2018. A recipient of multiple awards & recognition from various leading companies in the industry, Element is currently functional from both Delhi and Gurgaon. The team plans to further expand its base to Pune and Bangalore by the end of 2017 and towards international soils as well.