Ejobs InfoTech India: Connecting Local Talent with their True Talent-Seekers

M. Ekanandan,Director

M. Ekanandan


Job portals are like the assembly point for recruiters as well as the job seekers where both aim at meeting their individual requirements. A job seeker tries to find a job opportunity where they can put in their knowledge, learn new skill and grow professionally, while on the other hand there cruiters try to fill their openings with the right candidate who has the perfect qualification to handle the responsibilities efficiently. Today, with the advent of technology online job portals have already changed the way people look for jobs. However, as most of the job portals aim to provide elite jobs to the candidates, they also require the candidate to relocate, thus demanding them to leave their home and their hometown to pursue a career. The founding team of Ejobs InfoTech India realized this complexity faced by the candidates. Keeping this stumbling block into consideration, the firm laid foundations to online portals such as Jobs and, an online portal which focused on bringing in the jobs from in and around Coimbatore and Tirupur.

Designed to meet the specific needs of Coimbatore

Ejobs InfoTech India has armed the recruiters and human resource managers with the right tools and resources that are required to improve the effectiveness of recruitment processes

job searches based on the desired location, type of employment, skills and other such filters. The jobs posted on the website are always categorized on the basis of technology and non technology companies across the major industries such as administration, accounting, advertising, management, consulting, electronics, engineering, export / import, finance, front office staff /secretarial /computer operator,
professionals, Jobs facilitates a job seeker to perform highly targeted legal, marketing, sales, business development, IT -Software / Hardware, operations, services, education ,and a variety of many more jobs. Built with a vision to make local jobs available and accessible on one single platform, Ejobs InfoTech India’s Jobs is one of the fastest growing career website for all kinds of professionals looking for a job in Coimbatore area and all kinds of recruiters looking for talent for Coimbatore based companies.

Ejobs InfoTech India has also armed the recruiters and human resource managers with the right
tools and resources that are required to improve the effectiveness of their recruitment processes.“The search capabilities included by Ejobs InfoTech in its online job platform offers options which allows the recruiters or hiring firms to quickly and efficiently find candidates with specialized skills that match the desired criteria. Due to the firm’s exclusive focus on the local area jobs and candidates, the recruiters and HRs are able to find the results faster and easier than any other geographically targeted websites. Considering the ever-changing needs of the industry, we at Ejobs InfoTech India are focused on driving exposure to the local professionals, thus enabling employers to reach hard-to-find and experienced local professionals at just one click,” shares M. Ekanandan ,Director, Ejobs InfoTech India Pvt Ltd.,

Headquartered in Coimbatore, Ejobs InfoTech India has plans to connect the job seekers and job posters of local areas on one single platform. Keeping up with its inception objectives, in the upcoming years Ejobs InfoTech plans to expand its reach to the candidates and recruiters in Bengaluru, Amaravati, Chennai, Hosur and other major cities in India. “Ejobs InfoTech aims to be a local company, connecting the right talent to its right talent-seeker. We want to be involved with every city inIndia in the years to come. We also have plans to within the next two years where we can merge data from all our websites on one single platform, thus connecting the recruiters from major cities directlywith the candidate,” concludes Ekanandan.