EduShine Academic Search: Securing Globally Benchmarked Academic & Leadership Talent for Indian Premier Education Institutions

Kalpesh Banker,DirectorWhile a simple Google search can help you zero in on some of the best executive search firms in the country, the search for higher education leadership search often meets with a dead end; thanks to the scarcity of firms catering to this critically niche but an important national building sector. Calling into this need of the hour, Delhi-based full-service education consulting firm, EduShine Advisors is on a quest to make Indian Higher Education more valuable by aligning the services with institution’s objectives. “Our expertise lies in hiring board-level leadership and two levels down. We assist premier educational institutions to help transformational academic and leadership figures, who then orientate the institutions towards growth,” states Kalpesh Banker, Director, EduShine. The firm has reach among the depth and width of academic community across the globe, which makes it an undisputed leader as executive search firm in the education sector.

EduShine focuses on improving quality of higher education across institutions by promoting academic centric work culture and promoting academic development

With the target audience consisting of Premier Higher Educational Institutions - both Indian and Global in nature, EduShine focuses on improving quality of higher education across institutions by promoting academic centric work culture and promoting academic development. Through its Leadership Search program, EduShine partners with the institutes’ Board/search committee, understanding their objectives, and develop a comprehensive pragmatic search strategy. Subsequently, it charts out a plan that pivots the institute towards visibility and prospective candidates where the EduShine’s consulting team identifies as well as assesses the most appropriate candidate and matches with the client Institutions search objectives. Upon shortlisting, EduShine arranges for detailed interaction between the two stakeholders, assessing the situation thoroughly and managing sensitive issues like salary negotiation and resignations as well. This way, the team facilitates the institutes with an
administration to refine it in light of specific information in the focused condition in which the industry works. “We enable foundations to explain the objective and assemble the market inputs expected to make decisions that are key and achievable,” explains Kalpesh.

Refining Academia
When Edushine started in 2013, their sole objective was to make education more valuable for all the partners and stakeholders. The Indian education sector, at that time was averse to professional services firms. Based on quality standards and partnership approach, EduShine has, during the course, prepared Indian premier institutions for academic and leadership searches. Stringent regulatory mechanism and increasing competition drives demand for globally bench marked academic and leadership talent. To strengthen its leadership position, Edushine is expanding its base to Ahmedabad with a new delivery center.

a seminal role in building some of the most prestigious institutions of recent times. And most importantly, we have connect with more than 12000 academicians and have impacted their academic career and life. We aim to create value for our client institutions and build a sustainable and engaged relationship with the academic community by 2021,and become the most trusted independent educational consulting firm in India,” concludes Kalpesh.