DOS13 Corporation: Simplifying the Tricky Process of Background Verification

Raghuram K Ravi,Founder & CEO

Raghuram K Ravi

Founder & CEO

An exceedingly large number of companies are using the process of background verification to ensure that employees they have decided to hire have not exaggerated their role, skill, and experience. The reality is that in India, companies are not even following up with half of the verification process that countries such as the US or the UK follow. This is why firms are increasingly reaching out to background verification specialists who could come in and assist organizations in finding the right candidate. DOS13 Corporation is one such startup with massive expertise in the background verification process in the form of experienced associates from the US industry. The company was conceived by Raghuram K Ravi, after tenuously working in the corporate world as a team lead in sales & business development, and also as a freelancer involved in Web Designing and App Development. Raghuram noticed the massive upsurge in demand for web designing & background verification services during the Covid situation, and along with his wife Shalini Raghuram (COO), decided to establish DOS13 Corporation in early 2021.
DOS13’S biggest strength lies in the vast database that the company possesses, which allows the team of experts to filter the candidates based on their eligibility and capabilities rather than just looking at the education qualifications. At the moment, DOS13 gives detailed reports of people on the four significant aspects of background verification education, employment history, DOT, and Professional reference. The company excels in making a thorough background history of the employees or job seekers that goes beyond just verifying with the school boards, colleges, universities, and previous employers. Most importantly, DOS13 does employment references where they get in touch with former employees and charts out a character report. When it comes to hiring a driver, things are pretty lenient in India. Basically, anyone with a driver’s license gets the job. The situation is entirely different in the US market, explains Raghuram during the recent interaction with the Editorial Team. In overseas, a person applying for a driver’s job has to pass a specific test. Here, DOS13 comes in and offers an additional updated history of a driver relating to past accidents or cases of alcohol abuse.

DOS13 gives detailed reports of people on the four major aspects of background verification education, employment history, DOT and Professional reference

En-route Towards Rapid Diversification
As a recently established startup, DOS13 Corporation is primarily catering to Background Verification, Customer Services, Web Designing & App Development services right now. However, Raghuram has big plans for DOS13 in the upcoming future. He wishes to establish the company firmly in the IT domain. A team of experts at DOS13 is already working on a CRM interface. A customer service CRM that would give a business scale to the existing CRM tools. Additionally, Raghuram and co are also working rigorously on developing a Realtime gaming platform using Cryptocurrency an idea similar to the Metaverse concludes Raghuram.