Dharani Life Skills : Promising Digital Literacy, Life Skills & Employability Skills Training to Help Rural People Appreciate their Intrinsic Potential

Muralidhar Atchula,CEO & Director

Muralidhar Atchula

CEO & Director

Today, having digital and technical knowledge will help the competitive edge generation lead qualitative and contentment work experience, and henceforth it is acquired by limited individuals. Based on a primary survey conducted by Dharani Life Skills, Skill Teachers & Training Institutes are almost NIL in Rural Villages. Access to ICT education & 21st Century skills training is far dream of rural people. Access to I.T./ I.C.T. is far dream of rural students. Lack of awareness & opportunity to learn the ICT- Computer education & Life skills in rural environment, every year 2 lakh+ degree students are coming out without the basic skills.

To fill the gap, Dharani Life Skills Private Limited established in 2019, with an aim to `Transform Rural Areas into Digitally Empowered Societies.' Dharani Life Skills is working and using S.M.A.R.T. principles that penetrate Rural India and create an access to avail benefits on ease of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA concept) at the doorstep.

Enabling SDG-4 quality education for rural youth, women and children, by gaining employability skills and leading lives with dignity. Muralidhar Atchula, CEO and Director, Dharani Life Skills asserts, "Our goal is to provide accessibility and connectivity and impart digital literacy, ICT education and life skills training to the rural population through sustainable solutions and build trained e-teachers. It is to develop an understanding and help rural people appreciate their intrinsic potential.
Dharani Life Skills offers a wide range of courses and training programs like MS Office, DTP, Tally & Tally­ERP, C, C++, Internet Concepts, E-Literacy Teacher Course, Soft & Life Skills Trainings etc. Also, offer Short and Long Term Courses from 3 to 12 months, students opting for these courses will be provided with personal attention with close monitoring and observation process.

Collaborative Training Services:
Dharani Life Skills have collaborated with various Heads of Government Schools of ZillaParishad (for class 6th to 10th) and Primary High Schools (focusing even on 3rd to 5th class) and impart knowledge at the school doorstep in each Taluq. Also, undertake prior permission to conduct I.C.T education and Skills Training within the provided school timings. So far, Total 3500+ students are educated in these schools.

Muralidhar Atchula adds, "We have constantly received the support from Panchavati a Gross root NGO and helped us to become a qualified participant in providing the Computer Education Curriculum for teaching school children and youth. Other organizations, BIRED; (Bankers Institute of Rural and Entrepreneurship Development); IBM Skills Build & NSDC, and more, will collaborate in the future."

Dharani Life Skills have developed a concept called `Education on Wheels', an initiative to generate opportunities in underserved communities and empower people everywhere to build a better society

The Faculties or Trainers of Dharani Life Skills will reach every village in the Mandal, and all Chief Functionaries will be sensitized, convincing the School Heads, teachers, youth and women in the village, to undergo I.T. Competences.

For the upcoming years, Dharani Life Skills have developed a concept called `Education on Wheels', an initiative to generate opportunities in underserved communities and empower people everywhere to build a better, more self-reliant life. This initiative supports the Indian government's Digital India initiative, and the program aims to reach rural villages, impacting more than 1 million people over the next 5 years.

There are vehicles with each 20-seat, IT-enabled digital inclusion and learning lab equipment's, software suites and e-learning tools. The classrooms will allow individuals to gain access to IT literacy programs and connect to different government programs.