Dhanraj Recruitment Consultancy: Providing Stable & well Trained Candidates to all Sectors

Raj Sinh Jhala & Meghna Dave,FoundersThe recruitment industry is often plagued with the disease of instability among the employees. The cost of hiring an employee is about 1.25 to 1.4 times the base salary. What makes the situation all the more daunting is that the major chunk of the current and the future work force will be made up of millennials who are known to stay for a very little time at the same job, often scouting for better opportunities. Addressing this major challenge, Ahmedabad based Dhanraj Recruitment Consultancy(DRC)offers a suite of recruitment services (Permanent Staffing, Executive Staffing, Managerial Staffing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing) with the guarantee of long term stability of its candidates.

In its endeavour to encourage long term relation between the candidate and its clients, DRC drafts agreements and contracts between the two parties. DRC also does a thorough screening of the candidate’s past training period, work history with various organizations and the frequency of job switches. “We even ensure a longer growth opportunity candidates who associate with their
company for a longer period of time,” says Megha Dhave, Co-Founder, DRC.

To ensure no foul play in the recruitment process, DRC vests high interest in conducting background verification of each candidate it refers

Offering Nothing but the Best
DRC is a part of Dhanraj Group, a well known name in the services industry that offers legal consultancy for Indirect Tax, Tours & Travel and Real Estate Consultancy. DRC adopts a 360 degree approach in getting the right candidate at right time for the clients, starting from CV filtration, proceeding to first round of interview, face to face interview, and finally sending the shortlisted data to the client. Taking the task forward, it also does salary negotiation on behalf of clients and candidates. To ensure no foul play in the recruitment process, DRC vests high interest in conducting background verification of each candidate it refers. This end-to-end HR guidance also extends to cash crunched new start-ups and small scale enterprises lacking the in-house facilities.

But one may wonder how this nine-member company caters to varied industries including engineering, IT and non-IT sectors! DRC has developed a powerful resume sourcing software that helps the company shortlist the most appropriate candidate from the major databases and job sites. DRC
uses Skype to conduct interview and delves deep into social media hiring as well, as social media profiles speak more than their personal life. Besides recruiting, DRC functions as career counsellor, adviser and trainer to job seekers.

The Ethical Approach
Failing twice in replacing the position of store manager in a MNC packaging company led DRC to probe into the root cause of its failure. After investigation, it found unsafe working condition, high work pressure and extremely long working hours as the major culprits.DRC then personally sat with the directors to carve out the required solution. It is this personal touch in each assignment that results in high success rates.

As an ethical organization, DRC refuses to recruit talent from organizations which are registered with them, be it the competitors. On the other hand, the company even does not entertain candidates who come seeking for a job change to DRC, if they are associated with its client’s organization.

Going forward, DRC is all set to roll out new resume making platform (with infographics) to enable candidates to present their CV in the most creative and effective way. Alongside, DRC plans to launch training programmes for marketing, sales and other candidates on communication and other required skill sets. This will lead to the elimination of training costs for companies and help DRC thrive as a revolutionary game-changer of the recruitment industry.