Curaa: A Premier Healthcare Professional Recruitment Portal

Dr. Rakesh Shrivastava,FounderPursuing education in medical field is very difficult,but what is also not easy is getting a job as a doctor in a country like ours where the number of medical graduates is soaring with each closing year.After years of hard work and education, medical graduates deserve well-paid jobs in reputed healthcare institutes. Dr.Rakesh Shrivastava, a healthcare industry veteran, Managing Partner, M.B.B.S. MD (Professor of Pathology, Fellow WHO (UK), Fellow UICC (USA) and Harvard Medical School (USA) Fellow, realized it early on that - “There isa huge gap in the demand and supply of doctors within the healthcare sector of India and an exclusive platform that brings together all the jobs according to the location and specialty can not only help medical graduates find their dream jobs but can also help the recruiters and hiring firms in connecting with the right candidate.” Determined to turn his vision into reality, Dr. Rakesh teamed up with Arjun Shrivastava, an MBA (Marketing and Retail Management)graduate from IMT, Dubai and IESEG School of Management,France (Student Exchange) and Sumita Shrivastava,a B.Sc DMLT (Govt. Medical College, Nagpur) alumni and Nagpur University topper; and together the trio established Curaa - an exclusively built recruitment portal connecting doctors and medical graduates and professionals with recruiters from
major hospitals.

Established in early 2017, is a Healthcare Professional Placement Portal which with its extensive database of skilled doctors and medical professionals, focuse son strengthening the healthcare industry by helping motivated and talented doctors propel their careers in India. Headquartered in Nagpur, Curaa is the only consultant from Nagpur to provide doctors to specialty and multi specialty Hospitals and Clinics across India. Apart from its unique Recruitment and Staffing solutions, Curaa also offers CV enhancement services, working with HRs and recruitment agency to create a CVs that reflect the candidates’ skills and experiences in a professional and stylish manner; Background verification which is performed on the request of hospitals and the firm also plans to provide Document Attestation services for doctors who are planning to go abroad.

Started by a team of three,today Curaa has a talented team of around 15 experts who have successfully managed to recruit more than 60+ doctors

The specialized team of Curaa believes that there is immense scope for enhancing healthcare service penetration in India,thus presenting ample opportunities for development of healthcare sector. “At Curaa, we continuously strive to supplement the growth. We are fully committed towards sourcing and engaging a batch of highly qualified doctors.

Our vision is to provide doctors
with the best of jobs and opportunities because we believe that doctors deserve the best. With nearly a decade of our own recruitment experiences in the aspects of Healthcare some of them which include Credentials, Contracts and Scheduling, the ability to screen, hire and recruit the best Medical Professionals is our specialty,”shares Arjun Shrivastava, Founding Partner, Curaa.

Started by a team of three, today Curaa has a talented team of around 15 experts who have successfully managed to recruit more than 60+ doctors including 3 cardiologists/5General Physicians /2 Radiologist /3 Pediatricians /2 Medical Oncologis t/2 Pathologist/1 Physiotherapist /5 Nurses in just a span of six months. Sharing the future plans for the company, Arjun says, “Currently, Curaa is only recruiting for hospitals and doctors but in the years to come we have plans to recruit for nursing, paramedical as well as the hospital administration segment, and we are already working towards it. We already have more than 50 hospitals that have collaborated with us for hiring, and we are sure incoming days this number will surely multiply. Curaa works for connecting doctors with the recruiters and our focus ison growing by adding more verticals to our organizations and helping the maximum number of population in the healthcare industry.”