Separator Bridging the Gap between Creative Job Seekers and Employers

Chand Pathak, Founder

Chand Pathak


Creative people are judged by the projects they have done, the evaluation is subjective, varying from interviewer to interviewer. A client would invariably want to look at a candidate’s portfolio, his work, designs, illustrations, videos, graphics and other work. While some candidates end heavy attachments to the recruiters, the smart applicants upload their work some where online and then share the work links with the recruiter. But often such links either do not open or do not direct to the right page, as a result there is a lot of to and fro happening within the hiring process. Realizing these hurdles faced by candidates and the recruiter,Chand Pathak came up with the idea of Creative – an executive job portal dedicated to creative Indian professionals.

An online job portal, Creative allows professionals to network, get inspired, get job offers and assignments, gain recognition and enhance their commercial potential.“We are perhaps the only fully fledged job portal which caters to creative professionals and creative

industry in India. Through Creative, we are providing a platform which welcomes the professional’s creative thought process, their inspirations and aspirations t o the world. Creative talent can create their profile and portfolio for free while for employers we have free access to our database of listed professionals. All Indians who are contributing towards producing a Creative, Original and Innovative output in the form of a product, performance or process across the world can be a part of this portal. They would be approached from those needing their services after duly evaluating their talent and work,”shares Chand Pathak, Founder,Creative allows professionals to network, get inspired, get job offers and assignments, gain recognition and enhance their commercial potential

Creative offers resourceful Indians an opportunity to display their portfolios and explore job opportunities while advertising their skills and work online.“Perplexed by the fact that in India, we still do not have a defined creative industry, we thought of creating a niche for ourselves by launching a job portal which was primarily dedicated to professionals with out-of-the-box creativity. Over the years, our
team of ace recruiters has developed incredibly efficient processes to attract and engage the hottest talent in creative industry. Our wide exposure to creative talent is what allows us to convert more calls into job offers,” says Chand.

With a vision to evolve as a one stop shop for the Indian talent, is working towards making it easy for even a common sculptor or an artesian with limited knowledge of computer interface to be able to independently do thing son the portal. The company’s high ranking at Google search engine is a clear indication that Creative is already riding high on success. Keeping the creative Indian professionals and the creative Indian industry in mind, the firm is progressing ahead to build the largest network of creative and talented Indians.Creative covers over15 creative industry verticals with more than 200 creative and technical skills areas, hundreds of jobs role sand thousands of creative softwar tools used by creative professionals. Talking about the future roadmap of the company Chand utters, “We are continuously working to make the creativity of creative Indians visible to the world at the click of a button, not just on our portal but also on various search engines. We have plans to add never-before-seen services for creative professionals which will empower them and increase their visibility on the world stage. I would not like to let all the cats of the bag yet! Wait & watch! This is just the beginning of the beginning!”