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Percy Vaid,Leadership Coach

Percy Vaid

Leadership Coach

Generating, refining, and improving skills isn't something only for those who are beginning their professional journey, rather it is something that benefits everybody, including individuals and leaders at senior levels in organisations. Executive Coaching is a necessary tool in improving productivity and impact of leadership across levels.

CPLS Consultants is the brain-child of Percy Vaid, set up in 2018, the company helps Leaders enhance their performance through a better understanding of themselves and a heightened sense of awareness of their strengths and opportunities. This enables them to successfully leverage their professional competencies & capabilities in their day-to-day conduct. Percy Vaid, Leadership Coach, says, "We believe that leaders develop best when exposed to a variety of blended learning opportunities. Our Coaching solutions provide individualized development that can be put into action at the workplace immediately. We provide a diverse set of coaches to support leaders across the spectrum, from senior executives, middle managers, as well as leader-ship teams."

Coaching is a methodology that can be
applied to different areas of development. CPLS Consultants specialize in life, performance and leadership coaching. Apart from coaching, other talent development offerings provided by CPLS Consultants are behavioural programmes, leadership development solutions, outbound learning sessions, tech-enabled learning and virtual reality learning solutions.

CPLS Consultants use a coaching methodology that encapsulates key concepts of hypnotherapy, positive psychology, blended with a robust technical framework which induces deep lasting changes in habits; inter-personal skills and professional competency levels. This helps our clients build up their strengths, look at their belief systems which leads to fulfilling professional experiences and enhanced capabilities.

To provide the best quality services to their clients CPLS Consultants ensure that they are involved right from the inception of interventions, to the very end. Percy elucidates, "Our professional fees are linked with the results we deliver; this re-assures clients that we have our skin in the game. We keep in touch with sponsors of our coaching interventions and have regular reviews with coachees and their sponsor to track progress and make any midterm changes in our approach if needed.

CPLS Consultants specialize in life, performance and leadership coaching

Being open to client feedback, helps us modify and improve our method-ology thus ensuring lasting results."

CPLS Consultants has offered their services to various organizations of repute in India.

The future of coaching is very bright. Given the personalized nature of development that coaching delivers, its effectiveness is unparalleled and outcomes are long-lasting. With ever-changing dynamics in the business environment today, an increasing number of professionals prefer coaching than training when it comes to personal development. CPLS Consultants are going to focus on partnering with their clients on their quest for development of a mutually beneficial and rewarding journey towards discovery and fulfilment.