Corporate Investigations India: Offering Water-Tight Background Check Services for the Last Two Decades

Colonel Ajit Nagrani, Founder-Chairman, Harinder Kaur, DirectorA report by CareerBuilder claims that 74 percent of companies who made a poor hire lost an average of $14,900 per poor hire. Not just the cost, but a poor hire even tarnishes the brand of the employer. Hence, there is a growing need of background verification companies who provide timely and transparent services that are watertight. New Delhi-based background verification company Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd. (CII) vouches on its human capital and commitment to truth, transparency and sincerity to provide the most accurate background screening report to facilitate decision making by its clients. In the words of Founder-Chairman, Colonel Ajit Nagrani, “There are very few ‘Unable to Verify’ reports from us”.

Following all mandatory government & regulatory compliances (EPF, ESIC, POSH, and more) and ISO certified (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015), CII is the member of APDI & ASIS. The company actively pursues highest government authorities, VCs of institutions, and corporate bigwigs when it notices best corporate and business practices are eschewed. Some of these being reforms in Maharashtra Police online portal &Maharashtra DIT, reforms in Haryana Secondary Education Board & Karnataka Secondary Education Board (original mark sheet no longer mandatory for the process of verification), interaction with UGC, various Councils of India (Nursing, Dental and others), and various universities to streamline their verification process. “We
create honest, responsible reports within TAT at competitive pricing, and secure Data with all social, company and government compliances in place. Latest technology-enabled customized software ensures real time TAT and accuracy of reports,” adds Harinder Kaur, Director, CII. In addition to this, CII’s unique feature is its mission to bring in best practices; for which, it actively pursues corporates & bureaucracy. CII is also credited with many reforms.

CII’s unique feature is its mission to bring in best practices; for which, it actively pursues corporates & bureaucracy. CII is also credited with many reforms

Services Galore
“Give us anything and CII can verify & check its authenticity,” claims Lt. Colonel Sunit Vijh, COO, CII. True to that, the company offers an array of background verification services that includes education, previous employment, address, court records, police records check, certificates & licences verification, credit rating checks, drug abuse, vendor verification, due diligence of individuals/companies, and many more. A flexible and adaptable organization, CII moulds itself according to the needs of the clients. It even undertakes an authentication of the entity exercise, wherein it investigates the institution’s accreditation and affiliation, a company’s ROC, PF, and GST number, including site visits to ascertain the existence.

Through its sources, CII accesses government’s online court records, DL details, birth & marriage, CA & other qualifications, certifications, licences, RBI, SEBI and other noting announcements, lists of defaulters & bankrupts, insolvent entities & individuals and more, while its association with few law companies help check court records. The company is also associated with specific medical clinics & laboratories for drug testing, spread PAN India & several countries. Thanks to its team of retired senior army & IPS officers, corporate professionals, domain experts from media & social media, primary & secondary research site visit professionals, DD experts et al, CII is one of the most sought-after BGV firms in India.

Further, its user-friendly and detailed software helps automate every BGV process with login facility for candidates, clients, vendors, associates, managers and others, all on need-basis. Humans and technology are perfectly balanced for a synergic, optimum result, and CII uses latest & robust tools, biometric access control, NAS and more to ensure safety of data collected. Going forward, the company has plans to integrate AI & ML to further upgrade its portal.