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 Reetesh Riku,   Director & Consulting Psychologist

Reetesh Riku

Director & Consulting Psychologist

Psychometric tests were primarily rolled out for Indian cadet selection at Black Cat Commando forces along with Sports Academies to learn and select candidates based on personality, cognitive and psychomotor fitness of human minds. Having known its benefits, the practice of psychometry has gradually seeped into corporate hiring processes and Neuropsychology treatments. Even though it was popular among talent seekers, fewer knew to score aptitude through digital devices. Conscious Mind Solutions was the first to normalize psychometry tests by using realtime tools to uncover the possibilities and limitations of human cognitive functions.

The house of Conscious Minds and its fine services have convinced many, including the government recruiting agencies to insource psychometric advantages for their hires. In 2016, it was the first certified practitioner from Schuh fried to offer digitally backed psychometric assessments, consultations, biofeedback and cognitive training. Today it has got a strong standing in psychology services and is a government recommended brand providing conscious benefits for public and corporate processes.

Since its inception,Conscious Mind Solutions was constantly evolving, breaking barriers and building bridges. The company sprinted with the focal goal to expand the reach for psychometric assessments a lesser known practice in Indianurbs and suburbs. Reetesh Riku, Director & Consulting Psychologist of
Conscious Mind Solutions stated, "Even today a vast majority of the population perceive that psychometric tests are nothing more than a personality quiz. What we provide is beyond general expectations and psychometric testing is just one of the small elements of our whole basket of services and products".

Enjoying Diverse Beneficiaries
Conscious Mind is a psychology driven organisation motivated by a toolbased approach which has taken standard psychometry services to the very next level. Psychometric testing contributes to only a small section of its product suite. It actively works on three domains; cognitive profiling and assessment, and psychomotor ability assessment and examines different psychological behaviour and personalities.

Conscious Mind dawns a power suit in the workforce selection. It caters to a diverse set of industries like police forces, armed forces, mining corporations, neuropsychology treatments, traffic Safety(Train/Metro Drivers,Commercial Vehicle Drivers, Aviation Pilots), sports academies, education industries and other corporates. Depending on the kind of job role it first assesses the cognitive parameters that are required to execute the job role. As per the assessment, we offer state-of-art programs with a digital advantage.

Conscious Mind Solutions offer pre-programmed Vienna Test Systems from Schuhfried; TRAFFIC, SPORT, NEURO, and HR. This set of tests is extensively used for talent sorting and detecting skill deficits. To counter the lack it follows up with CogniPlus training modules and multimedia feedback with biofeedback xpert to reskill on the deficiencies, fight phobias and offer corrective ergotherapy. Reetesh added, "It doesn't matter if someone has schizophrenia, dementia, or any other problem, as with Schuhfried NEURO we can specify the issue and train them, with an effective disease management regime. Like us, there is no company in India that caters to psychometry measures with such digital precision and accuracy".

In the same way, the Traffic and Mining safety module will help in reducing the accidents ratio. VTS Sports module is evident in identifying the best athletes and training them on different cognitive and psychophysiological parameters.

For the past three years, Conscious Mind was incessant on turning tables psychology side. Its digital psychometry approaches have helped the formal institutions to set up mindful talent drives and sports academies to find rare athletes. Still, there is an underlying challenge in keeping people informed about the advanced psychometry it offers. Hence the plan is to work on brand expansion via university influences and collaborate with icon figures to facilitate psychometry in the Indian market.