Cleanwise Property Maintenance Services: Employing Deep Understanding of Corporate Life to Offer Unique Maintenance Services

Joseph Bastin,Managing Director

Joseph Bastin, Managing Director

It is not the years of experience but the time & energy invested in in-depth understanding of corporate life & culture, blending with its lifestyle & smooth functioning by proper planning, scheduling & monitoring that counts for maintenance & care of a well-spent space like corporate & other business establishments. Ideally fitting into this aspect, Cleanwise Property Maintenance Services is one such company that has carved-out its own unique way of maintenance with its deep understanding so as to offer quality services & attain customer satisfaction. “We don’t waste our time to please customers to call it better customer experience. We spend time in perfecting our services so customers get better experience, closing the gap between expectation and reality,” speaks Joseph Bastin, Managing Director, Cleanwise Property Maintenance Services.

Delivering What is Promised
Unlike other companies who dream of more customers and push services that customers actually don’t require, the company handles projects through its understanding and maintains it within the framework defined earlier. Cleanwise is bridging the gap between what is promised & delivered by removing the lack of transparency while delivering quality work, thus
maintaining healthy business relationship. While a lot of companies under quote to get business without having much knowledge or business ethics, some customers fall for such cheapest options not knowing the huge amount they will have to pay for repairs & maintenance later. Cleanwise completely eliminates such practices with tailor-made processes that are tested, finely-tuned & formalized, and aligned with customer’s requirement. “At times, we have turned-down contract offers due to differed wavelength. Such contracts don’t last long. Our company maintains certain principles and we stick to our business ethics,” explains Joseph. No wonder, this has helped the company to serve big names such like Mitera Hospital, MRF, National Insurance Company, Home Care, Cochin Port Trust, and more.

"We spend time in perfecting our services so customers get better experience, closing the gap between expectation and reality"

As a complete facility management services company, Cleanwise has specialized in providing maintenance services to hospitals, alongside homes, communities, businesses, and institutions, thus being capable of handling maintenance services of large spaces and high-rise buildings like malls, function halls, movie theatres, worship centers, schools & colleges, and more. The services include interior & exterior cleaning general & deep cleaning, one-time or regular cleaning, ACP & glass cleaning, garden maintenance and even running of your cafe & restaurant. “We are adding more services to our company each year so that customers can see us as a one-stop-solution for corporate maintenance,” asserts Joseph. Cleanwise deeply believes
corporate maintenance service process to be a unique one and differs from one site to other, even though the fundamentals are common. Hence striking-out a good balance between technology & manpower, the company has developed its own system for project maintenance and also execution.

Hand holding The Staff
Thanks to its tailor-made systems, the company has seen a reduced level of stress & strain in its staff that works as a catalyst in productivity and quality in services. Periodically, Cleanwise’s in-house trainers provide training sessions to ground-level staff on cleanliness and hygiene that one needs to maintain, which they have applied at their homes too. This is how Cleanwise does its part for its belief of contributing to the society. Furthermore, the company conducts exercises, assists & supports weak staff & encourages them to see, ensuring quality in service is not diminished.

Shama Joseph, Director

With over hundred employees, the company has grown gradually with headquarters at Kottayam, Kerala, serving the neighborhood cities & towns. Having grown 20 percent in the recent times by adding new services as per customers’ demands, Cleanwise is soon going to launch more branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad & other cities in South India.