Civil Talents : Specialized Academy for Civil Engineers into Top-Notch Professionals

Suresh Lal SD,Founder & CEO

Suresh Lal SD

Founder & CEO

For both the company and the employees, corporate training is helpful. Not only will people learn new abilities and enhance existing skills, but the best training also increases morale and improves retention rates. The work-place is continually changing and so is how employees are trained. Civil Talents is one such organization that trains young civil engineers to become top-notch experts in the construction industry who can perform in challenging positions. Headquartered in Kochi, Civil Talents carefully designed training programs to fill the academia and industry gaps.

From helping the customers clear their professional review with flying colours to giving the customers the right practical skills, Civil Talents programs cover a wide range of highly relevant civil engineering themes. While interacting with Engineering College HOD's, Civil Talents realized that several talented students are impoverished and need support in making them Industry friendly, by giving training in field work and engaging them in real life assignments in construction related activities. As a part of the company's social commitment & since the company is committed to the Civil Engineering profession, Civil Talents give free coaching to them. For every paid student, the company shall train another economically weak student.

Trained Practitioners and Experts
The faculties of Civil Talents are working professionals having more than 25 years of
experience in the industry and are highly skilled, committed, well qualified and experienced. Diploma Course in Construction Management is valuable for students who strive to succeed in civil engineering. Ever since the company's inception, the sincere efforts and dedication of the faculty have earned a reputation as one of the most sought after in the state for aspiring Civil Engineers. Unlike other institutions, the faculty has been working in various industries for years and experts in handling the subjects more practically.

Civil Talents has short time courses as well as long time courses and the company offers services to those customers who already have an engineering back-ground. The company has a bunch of courses which suits the customers' requirements. “Our courses are designed in such a way that practical and job oriented professional development is assured in this complicated era of professionalism and corporate work environment and our courses designed in such a way that the students will get ample practical exposure to real time projects, learn software popular in the construction sec-tor and other soft skill development", says Suresh Lal SD, Founder & CEO, Civil Talents, who have more than twenty five years experience in Corporates such as K. Raheja Corp, GMR, InterGlobe, Lulu Group etc. At Civil Talents, the company conducts seminars, workshops and classes on KMBR to the Engineers and new licensees to become more familiar with the subject.

Unique Staff Quality Improvement Program
Civil Talents have customized Quality Improvement Program(QIP) for employees from Corporate, Consulting Firms and Construction Companies. The company has training modules ranging from 2 days of the quick course to 2 weeks of crash courses. The employer would pick the subjects. The employer shall bear the company's charges. The company provides special training (one to one) for non-Civil Engineering Executives who own or take the Construction Business. 2-week training program available in the capacity of CEO, MD, or Partners. The company also offers MEP training to Civil Engineers/Architects in a two weeks' duration.

USP and Elements to Distinguish
The company provides students with a course credential as well as a certificate of expertise from the builder/contracting company. The organization also includes employee recruitment assistance for other businesses. International standard training is offered by Civil Talents to enable students to work in India and abroad. The company also assures a 100 percent placement support and no false promises. For freshers, they really get practical exposure and related software that they have missed during their studies in the Engineering Colleges. Also knowledge is not kept secret or hidden here, for which you need to spend several years in the job to explore! Our faculty have immense experience and so they don't mind sharing their hard learned techniques of the profession.