Change+: Empowering Leaders through Blend of Industrial Practices & Game Based Training Programs

Ajit Sivaram,Co-Founder
Ajit Sivaram& Satish Manchikanti
Leaders are made not born. Hence, right skilling at the right time is highly essential. A general insight about today’s leadership trainings are that they are either dull, classroom sessions or are outbound employee engagement sessions with adventurous activities. Either way, trainees often find themselves in a difficult situation to relate the concepts learnt to their day-to-day work life.

Imbibing unconventional practices of experiential hands-on training, Bangalore -based Change+(an innovative training company)is empowering thousands of managers by unearthing their dormant potential and helping them to lead world class teams via LeadX. Apart from helping managers get out of their comfort zones and enter into challenging learning environments, this leadership program aids them to understand their team and build strong bonds in order to increase productivity and achieve greater results.

LeadX focuses on four key modules to help managers lead world class teams which are -Build Relational Capacity–Differentiates between a positional and relational leader; Transforming team culture – Builds essential habits required
to develop team dynamics, Team Roadmaps - Helps team to move from chaos to clarity in terms of project planning & team targets; and Drive Results - Transforms an 'average' team into an EXCEL team via mentoring & coaching.

" Change+ ensures that they understand the needs of the training across their diverse clientele, the outcomes expected and then design the trainings accordingly"

The learning transcends traditional methods, while making it a cutting -edge program for the 21st century managers. LeadX builds a positive experience, deploys the right tools and formulates an impact, thereby helping mangers propel themselves & their teams to greater heights.

The company ensures that they understand the needs of the training across their diverse clientele, the outcomes expected and then design the trainings accordingly. Their modules comprise of high energy activities, dynamic & well-researched content and motivational sessions, helping trainees to develop long-term skill sets and flourish both personally and professionally. These modules have tailor-made content delivered through powerful talks, business simulations, peer learning, focused group discussions and role plays. “Our trainings are engaging, interactive & relevant as there is an adequate blend between industry specific best practices and game-based learning activities,” proclaims Ajit Sivaram, Co-Founder, Change+.

Edge over Competitors
Change+ believes that experiential, hands-on learning is
the best way to generate long-lasting learning that can be applied to real life scenarios. Hence, their learning programs are tailored to look beyond just providing classroom training. The aim is to help participants make a real difference in their organizations. They provide post-training guidance for 8-12 weeks which sets them apart from the industry. It ensures that participants are getting the best by creating habits that help teams outperform in the long run.

To develop quality & engaging videos and make more relevant training modules, the firm incorporates role plays, custom made instructional videos, case studies and collaborates with external media houses. “Our motto is to enable participants to immerse themselves in a well-thought-out curriculum, which has exclusive methodologies surpassing traditional & transformational programs to achieve long lasting results,”avers Satish Manchikanti, Co-Founder, Change+.

The brain child of Ajit& Satish, Change+ is busy in developing key programs that will not only integrate technology, social media, gamification, and one-on-one discussions but also raise the bar for training implementation. Apart from this, Change+ envisions expanding the experiential offering of LeadX to millennials and transforming trainees from being average to exceptional by understanding their potential throughout their career. They truly believe that LeadX is not a program to attend, it is experiencing leadership on the go.