CareerACER: Helping You Discover the Career You are Made for

Ashwini,Co-Founder & Director


Co-Founder & Director

One of the major reasons for the mid-career crisis is selecting the wrong career path. A government survey points out that nearly 35 percent of Indian graduates and above are unemployed. This clearly shows that there is a serious disconnect between skill building and contemporary jobs. So what is the solution? Often confused, students turn to their parents, guardians or friends for guidance, who many a times are misdirected towards choosing the career that doesn’t fit their capability. But choosing the right career needs an early guidance, all through the school days. However, India suffers from a career counselling deficit which largely reflects in the number mentioned above.

Looking at this growing market (Rs.5000+ crore), several career counselling companies have branched-out, but most of them offer off-the-shelf services, which adds to the woes further. But CareerACER is a career counselling firm that addresses the dilemma through its customized counselling services designed based on every student’s needs and ability. “Our vision is to transform the overall career development of students & professionals continuously through their lifecycle,” asserts Ashwini, Co-Founder & Director, CareerACER.

In this journey, the company deeply connects with the students & parents to understand the pain point they have in finding the right career path and the issues they undergo, which helps drive innovation in its solution reliability, online platform and delivery methodology. This is why every solution that CareerACER offers is highly customer-centric.
Customized Solutions to Address Every Need
CareerACER today offers career counselling and mentorship programs to high school & college students and early & mid-career stage professionals. However, having started with Career Value Program (CVP), it later innovated the solution to offer the Personalized Career Mentorship Program (PCMP). Through its CVP program, the company offers comprehensive career assessment & analysis to help students identify the right career path, while PCMP offers deep mentoring programs to students through expert professionals. “In PCMP, we become our student’s friend, philosopher and guide in their career journey to not only discover and plan the most suitable career option, but also to hand-hold them to realize the career success,” explains Ashwini.

To ensure students across the country can take benefit, CareerACER has transformed solution delivery in a fully digital manner. The entire system and process has been made immune to the ill-effects of Covid-19 and beyond situations. The company demonstrates fulfilment of its commitment to all its students across India even during the lockdown period. Further the five-dimensional analysis of the students’ career profile based on scientific methodology and data oriented approach helps make positive career decisions. It utilizes psychometric assessment powered by AI that helps deliver high quality and accuracy of recommendation.

By virtue of the interactive engagement with students & parents, we understand their interests, strengths, challenges & constraints, and thus are able to design & show their career success trajectory much in advance

Further, its curated knowledge resources and career assistance support system enables a student to get an authentic and well-crafted repository of information on time, including university selection guidance, awareness of contemporary government policies and more. “By virtue of the interactive engagement with students and parents, we understand their interests, strengths, challenges and constraints. Hence, we are able to design and show their career success trajectory much in advance,” says Ashwini.

The success of CareerACER is clearly visible through positive feedback of delighted parents and profesionals. Now, the company is geared-up to launch the institutional model to work along with schools & colleges as a Trusted Career Partner for the academic year 2020-2021. CareerACER is continuously innovating its online platform capabilities to offer rich value added services so that students don’t need to look any further to plan and execute their career goals.