Campus Marg: Rendering Expert Hiring Solutions through Tailor-Made & Customer-Centric Services

Dillesh P, Founder & CEO

Dillesh P

Founder & CEO

At the age of 19 when most people strive for nothing but a reputable job, the young Dillesh P (CEO & Founder, Campus Marg) gave up his existing job offer from an eminent company to gain a perspective as to why people were not being hired even though there were plenty of job opportunities. “An incident from my college days wherein three of my friends failed to grab a job in a company provoked me to conduct several case studies about the same,” elucidates Dillesh explaining how he unbolted communication as the trouble-maker. Consequently, he started training in colleges and NGOs (associated with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh) and even sourced candidates for companies, which later sought his exemplary service for a price. This laid foundation of his pet project Campus Marg in 2009 as a trusted recruiting and HR Solutions Company with expert services in the arena of executive search, permanent staffing, temporary/contract staffing, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Boasting of its one-decade long presence in the space, the company today stands as partner to privileged patrons comprising of Wipro, Genpact, Unisys, Tech Mahindra, Eureka Forbes, Transdyne, Reliance, and much more.
End-To-End Hiring Solutions
A completely customer-centric organization, Campus Marg portrays a unique yet refined methodology of sourcing trained professionals, thanks to its end-to-end hiring process and tailor-made solution based on specific client requirements. The company’s intense network in locating people, their infrastructure, and requirements have helped it in tying bonds with 60-70 companies rendering complete headcount flexibility. For instance, while pitching in a manager for a company, Campus Marg had to devise painstaking out-the-box strategies like organizing a horse-riding course taking in account his hobby to conceptualize and execute the lateral hiring.

Parading prowess in placing candidates PAN India, Campus Marg is equipped with exclusive and original circular database (20000-30000 elite members in a decade) proffering unsullied manpower to its clients

Parading prowess in placing candidates PAN India, Campus Marg is equipped with exclusive and original circular database (20000-30000 elite members in a decade) proffering unsullied manpower to its clients, poles apart from other players who rigorously depend upon common job portals like Naukri and LinkedIn from where most others source information. The company also sketches experience domain, recruiting expertise, extraordinary networking, target headhunting, and quickest moment in time to market. Campus Marg mainly focuses on the operation-oriented objectives of senior-level and mid-level executives. Besides, it also sets up a complete project entailing outsourcing from ground-level staff to managers and VPs using volume hiring and headhunting for companies in need of an RPO process.
Technology at its Best
An application tracker with complete employment list and payroll engagement is the recruiter’s trump card in maintaining its database along with its usage of J Script and JAVA. It uses the latest version of Amazon Web Services wherein once CV is uploaded, it rules out the need for uploading employee database as such. CV is then converted into an automatic tracker that comes with interview schedule and six to seven other options, which are shown using different colors. The complete tracking gives access to the employer and employee alone to personally monitor the database, crafting a flexible and technology-based process showcasing the status while exempting the need for calling candidates for checking the update, albeit an approval from admin side is required.

Following a fun and free work culture, Hyderabad-based Campus Marg believes in an amalgamation of learning and enjoyment shining a spotlight on its combined experience of 40 years. It also conducts monthly training using six sigma, NLP, and behavioral methods. Crossing a revenue growth of Rs.60 million, the company is all set to touch Rs.100 million turnover by 2020 and expand across Delhi, Vizag, and Chandigarh.