Calibehr : Promising Background Verification with Integrity & Assured Safety

Narayan Bhargava,  Founder & Managing Director

Narayan Bhargava

Founder & Managing Director

The background verification (BGV) landscape is undergoing significant changes, driven by multiple factors that underscore its necessity and importance in today’s business environment. As companies prioritize workplace safety, cybersecurity, globalization of workforce, brand protection, and social responsibility, the demand for comprehensive background verification services continues to grow. Calibehr, a strategic business solution provider, has positioned itself as a pivotal player in this domain. By offering end-to-end business lifecycle management, the firm enables organizations to focus on their core objectives while handling critical strategic aspects of their business. Combining the synergies of people, processes, and technology, the company facilitates overall development for Indian businesses and MNCs in various sectors, including BFSI, FMCG, manufacturing, and telecom.

“Our 15-year journey has redefined HR verticals in mid and large-sized companies. Our services include permanent and temporary staffing, executive hiring, payroll and onboarding management, domestic and international back office and contact centers, compliance management, background verification, field management, and IT & technology solutions. These services have made us India's top HR outsourcing partner for large corporations”, states Narayan Bhargava, Founder & Managing Director, Calibehr.

Driving Business Success through Strategic Solutions

A significant aspect of Calibehr's service portfolio is its background verification (BGV) services. The importance of BGV has surged due to several factors. Workplace safety and cybersecurity are paramount, necessitating thorough checks on potential hires.
Globalization of the workforce means even foreign entities hiring in India require robust verification processes to ensure they are onboarding reliable individuals. Additionally, safeguarding the company's brand and reputation is crucial, as any wrongdoing by an employee can tarnish the organization’s image. Hence, background verification has become an integral part of HR practices, ensuring transparency and reliability in the hiring process.

However, the challenges faced by clients in the industry, particularly the prevalence of fraudulent activities, have underscored the necessity of accurate BGV. Reports suggest that approximately 50 percent of resumes contain inaccuracies. Calibehr addresses these challenges by employing advanced technology and skilled resources. Their verification process includes employment verification, education verification, address verification, criminal record checks, reference checks, credit history checks, identity verification, medical checks, and database checks.

The comprehensive nature of these checks ensures a thorough vetting process. “Our leadership team, with its extensive experience and long-term commitment to the company, plays a pivotal role in aligning the company’s goals with its core values. These values include customer-centricity, respect for people, ethical business practices, and integrity. Calibehr operates under these principles to provide high-quality services that improve clients' business processes”, explains Bhargava.

Furthermore, Calibehr’s approach to conducting background verification is meticulous and technology-driven. The company uses GPS tracking to monitor its verifiers and employs skilled resources who can accurately interpret and verify documents. The integration of advanced technology, such as social media checks and a robust database management system, enhances the accuracy and reliability of the information gathered during the verification process.

Additionally, the company’s quality assurance processes ensure that the data provided to clients is of the highest standard. Spread across India, Calibehr services 19,000+ pin codes. With 25+ types of verifications under its portfolio, the company has conducted 50,000+ background checks so far.

Therefore, looking ahead, Calibehr is committed to maintaining high quality in its services and staying abreast of technological advancements and evolving legal requirements. The company’s future roadmap includes continuous investment in technology,regular training for its verification staff, and aggressive marketing and branding efforts to expand its reach. By remaining customer-focused and innovative, the firm aims to achieve significant growth and reinforce its position as a leading global enterprise in the service sector.

"We partner with companies seeking sustainable growth and operational excellence with our strategic business solutions and comprehensive background verification. Our clear vision and dedicated mission strive to set new industry benchmarks and equip clients to meet their business goals in a complex and competitive environment”, concludes Bhargava.