C2X: Potential to Performance for Breakthrough Results

Ankur Dhanuka,   FounderIt’s an undeniable fact that the success of a business lies in its workforce. Moreover, today’s contemporary organizations with dynamic, vivid, and customer-centric goals cannot survive with just skilled people. They need highly competent professionals with a leader-like mindset for not only sustenance but also success. If you are looking to turn your manpower into capable and effective resources, Catalyst2Xcelerate (C2X) is your go-to destination.

Founded by Ankur Dhanuka, C2X specializes in developing human resources through training & development programs to enhance the competencies of employees working at various levels in an organization from entry level executives to senior-level professionals. The objective of the company is to create a leader who makes a positive difference. It focuses on enhancing organizational performance and creating a competitive edge in the market by upskilling the employees who turn into leaders irrespective of their title or formal designation. C2X is at the forefront of creating a win-win situation for both organizations and people.

People development or training services of C2X have two major dimensions; firstly, professional development for creating confident and future ready leaders. Secondly, Leadership Development wherein managers/leaders acquire key skills to manage people, clients, and processes. The unique aspect of these programs is that they are crafted as learning journeys and are highly experiential, activity-based, and customized for your organization.
Looking at Learning in a Wider Perspective
In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) business world, learning is the key to survival. However, as we grow up the ladder and take on more responsibilities, we need to develop our behavioral and leadership skills to become a leader. Often individuals are unaware of their learning needs as they are juggling tight schedules. They do not have the big picture of how improving skills can reduce conflicts and improve productivity & customer satisfaction.

With a mix of training, coaching, and consulting, C2X can help individuals and organizations develop these much-required skills. The company conducts a range of programs in the domain of professional development like soft skills, leadership skills, executive coaching, sales training, strategy consulting, and more. C2X caters to the entire hierarchy across sectors including Multinational Banks, KPOs, Consulting organizations, E-Commerce, leading IT/ITES companies, etc. “Our training programs frequently utilize a customized and a blended learning approach, with post-training support to ensure reinforcement of learning,” remarks Ankur Dhanuka, Founder.

With a team of highly experienced and passionate trainers, we empower leaders with the needed tools, techniques, ideas, and best practices

He further adds, “We are committed to being a lifelong learning partner of an individual throughout the career span. We act as a catalyst to lay a strong foundation for a successful career. Subsequently, as you enter the corporate world and grow up the ladder, we stand by and act as a catalyst to accelerate your career growth and development.” Not believing in a one-size-fits-all approach, C2X goes that extra mile to understand clients’ needs and purpose before customizing a program. “Our programs address mindset and skillset. The learning journeys that we have successfully designed and delivered have hooked the participants for the entire duration of the program. We bring in individual reflections, assessments, peer learning, group work, and assignments and drive a sense of learning accountability. We believe that engagement leads to a change in behavior and hence we embed various activities to drive home the learning. To ensure a great learning experience and business impact, we deploy the best subject matter experts who ensure that the project outcomes are achieved consistently. We also do have a robust reporting mechanism which can be consumed by the management” he explains.