Blue Genes Research: Delivering Best Possible Indian Talent in the Least Possible Time & Cost to its Global Clients

Ratnesh Jain,Founder&CEO

Ratnesh Jain


Top notch executive talent is a scarce resource; whether the economy is strong or fluctuating, getting the best possible talent to come aboard can prove to be a very delicate proposition. Moreover, relying on the limited bandwidth, focus & network of in-house recruiting department alone often lead to best available hiring. Mumbai based Blue Genes Search Research (BGR) Executive research firm with its intricately designed research programmes assist internal leadership hiring teams of organizations, entrepreneurs, and top executive search firms in hiring the ‘Best Possible’ fit talent. Incorporated in the year 2009, this Search firm endows its clients with a no-nonsense executive search research services at global quality, high speed and low cost. What raises the bar is its commitment of providing only the ‘Best Possible’ talent and not the ‘Best Available’ or ‘Whatever Available’.

Largely known for taking over the challenging/impossible /failed assignments, BGR have successfully provided top talent that their clients would never
could exist. Being a boutique executive search research firm, BGR is backed by a small team of experienced, well seasoned, knowledgeable, and elite search experts who takes up small number of projects at a time, unlike the big shots of this industry. This high end team provides its clients with all possible search research services available, having expertise in Name Generation (the process of creating long list of potential candidates), Executive search research (data driven search), and Full Executive search (selection of senior level executives).

Technology being its backbone, BGR employs smarter search techniques, which involves computer assisted research and data analytics

Having worked with top global executive search firms as their research partner, BGR’s quality, process and reportings are of global standards. Technology being its backbone, BGR employs smarter search techniques, which involves computer assisted research and data analytics. It uses algorithm shortlisting, pre-interview screening, latest ATS, advanced shortlisting and communication tools to make its search smarter, fact based and data driven. This enables the company to deliver assignments at high speed, which is usually less than a month’s time.
Cost Effective & Transparent Approach
BGR believes in result oriented and transparent pricing, hence does not load customers with management and visit costs. “We work on flat fee basis, and does not charge a percentage from CTC, thus reducing the cost required for a particular search programme,” explains Ratnesh Jain, Founder & CEO, BGR. BGR’s pre-search ensures that the search team is aligned with client’s requirement both in terms of the required profile &market rates of the prospective candidates. To be crystal clear, BGR provides a login id to the client decision maker, wherein they can view the assignment progress in real time, access real time data and participate if required.

Road Ahead
BGR is currently working on advanced algorithm match making technology for ‘C’ level jobs, which will dramatically shorten the time taken to locate a particular candidate and provide the required edge to the clients over their competitors.

With an entrepreneurial work culture and highly experienced leaders like Ratnesh, Milind Vartak, and Anil Chaubey, BGR has a track record of 80 percent successful deals in an industry where success rate ranges between 40-50 percent. The company looks forward to Cracking Impossible assignments and delivering the Best Possible Indian Talent in the least possible time, to its clients across the Globe.