Betterlyf: Confidential Therapy & Tailored Employee Assistance Programs

Vikram Beri, Founder,Varun Handa, Co-founder

Vikram Beri, Founder

Varun Handa, Co-founder

In 2015, Vikram Beri, Founder of BETTERLYF, had an idea while having a conversation with his friend Varun Handa, co-founder at BETTERLYF. They were discussing their personal and professional challenges when they realised that there was a pressing need to mainstream mental health in India and saw a great potential in the wellness space. They met with psychologists in NCR to understand the challenges involved and discovered that limited awareness and stigma made finding quality therapists difficult. Eventually, Beri founded BETTERLYF in 2016, with the aim of creating a happier and healthier world by breaking the taboo around mental wellness through online therapy and counseling.

In a service, where word of mouth is literally non-existent, it was imperative to build a strong foundation by training, assisting and monitoring therapists. To make this a reality BETTERLYF provides confidential and quality therapy with a team of inhouse researchers, trainers & counselors. In its first year, the company focused on creating awareness and building trust through digital content curated articles, free assessments & educational videos. And today, BETTERLYF has established its expertise with over three lakh individual therapy sessions delivered and employee assistance programs (EAPs) at over 100 companies. The company has also developed CBT based self help programs to promote healthy mental habits and engage with over a million users.

Initially, BETTERLYF had 18-45-year old individual clients seeking help. “During our interactions with these clients, we discovered personal issues spilling over into work and
low confidence were affecting various areas of life, with relationships being a prominent concern. Over the years, as organizations adopted mental health services, therapy became more accessible, normalized, and destigmatized, which aligned with our goal”, explains Vikram Beri, Founder, BETTERLYF. Corporate mental wellness programs that started with requests for webinars and workshops gradually evolved into EAPs as corporates recognized their potential. The COVID-19 pandemic was a significant turning point, with corporates across India reaching out to BETTERLYF for support.

With today’s pandemic-driven work-from-home/hybrid culture, corporates recognize the importance of mental wellness programs. WHO estimates India may lose over a trillion dollars between 2012 and 2030 due to mental health concerns, making it crucial for the government and private sector to take action. “While less than 1 percent of Indian companies have structured EAPs today, MNCs and startups with better awareness of the benefits of mental wellness programs are leading the way for a better future”, states Varun Handa, Co-founder, BETTERLYF.

BETTERLYF offers tailored wellness programs based on the workforce demographic, business profile, HR challenges, and prior health initiatives undertaken. The BETTERLYF team first conducts an organization-level assessment to generate a comprehensive report on stress, depression, anxiety, and burnout within the company. The team then organizes customized workshops, webinars, and a weekly awareness drive using engaging posts, videos, GIFs, and puzzles. At the group level, BETTERLYF provides specialized services for specific departments or levels, including a 21-day happiness program and manager sensitization drives. Lastly, at the individual level, the company offers private and confidential one-onone therapy sessions over call, chat, or video and self-help programs with a dedicated user dashboard for every employee.

All counselors at BETTERLYF hold an M.A. Psychology degree and ensure quality sessions through regular supervision. The company trains and supervises its therapists through a novel approach, enabling them to handle diverse issues and establish stronger bonds with clients for an impactful therapy journey. These therapists actively engage through check-ins, records, and homework for faster recovery. Led by RCI licensed clinical and organizational psychologists, the BETTERLYF team is dedicated to developing new services and interventions to support a wider audience.

BETTERLYF has shown great potential in helping clients heal and thrive, with over 90 percent of clients reporting mental health improvement and more than 60% coming back for repeat therapy sessions. While keeping its therapy roots strong, BETTERLYF looks to expand and explore alliances with specialized partners to enhance EAPs “We strive to create a world where mental health is free from stigma and accessible even for the most vulnerable segments of the population”, concludes Handa.