Anavio Global: A leading & Innovative Player in HR Outsourcing Services in India

Ranvir Singh & Abhimanyu Yadav,      FoundersThe growth of an individual or an industry is reliant on a sound leadership and talent management system and a handful of organizations offer such assistance. Anavio Global Pvt Ltd is one such company that offers leadership and talent development, HR consulting, HR business process outsourcing, virtual HR, temporary staffing, and payroll and labor compliances. The Founder of the company Abhimanyu Yadav is a Business Coach & problem solver at heart. Anavio Global was established in September 2017, the company started with humble beginnings which gradually gained strength and carved a niche in the market.

The company works as its client’s virtual HR partner by serving different sectors like the BFSI, retail, R&D, cement and chemical, agriculture, manufacturing, biotechnology, NGOs, the education sector, and many more. The company has grown with its experience in designing and driving HR and OD strategies aligned with the right set of policies and processes involved in diverse or challenging situations.

Focusing on continuous improvement, Anavio uses industry-proven best practices and cutting-edge technologies that apply skills and experience to provide the right solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. Aspired to bring extraordinary changes in the startups, SME’s to Fortune 500 companies, Anavio’s team consists of
subject matter experts who deliver innovative solutions on time, with no compromise in cost and quality.

The founder, Abhimanyu Yadav is an Advisor, Mentor, Guide to growth hungry SME business owners who want to make a dent in their Industry. He has handled various HR Leadership roles in MNC’s & large Indian conglomerates during his 15-year corporate stint. He has driven large teams across South East Asian markets and holds 20+ International HR Certifications. Abhimanyu’s vision is “To create world abundance by helping companies reach their potential”, and the Mission is “To enable 10,000 companies reach their potential through our World class HR Outsourcing services by Year 2030”.

Armed with a team of passionate HR specialists, Anavio Global is making a serious impact in the industry through it’s unique VIRTUAL HR 2.0 framework and use of right technology to help clients reach their true potential

Anavio helps customers by providing them with the right resources by understanding their needs and requirements. The firm helps them with their turnkey solutions by serving them from the day they start their business. Anavio helps them set up their businesses from an HR perspective along with setting up all the policies and processes for employees by calling the future people on board and handling all the HR operations as and when needed.

Anavio assists its employees with the processes on how to become more efficient and help them improve their processes etc. also mentions how the pandemic has impacted the industry during the last two years and how technology and automation played a vital role in global business by bringing change in the traditional way of performing.

With the ever-changing method of working across the globe, the HR systems and processes also need to adapt to it by keeping comfortable in working remotely or following a hybrid model. He further adds “Under the ever changing environment, the industry has to understand how to retain its employees and get the best out of them along with being flexible as much as possible instead of sticking to the full time engagement”.

As a leader he strongly believes in a company’s corporate social responsibility where his idea of at least contributing 1% of the net revenue of his firm to the identified social caused would go a long way in making the desired impact. This initiative has gained lot of support from all their customers, employees, partners & other stakeholders.