AMS Inform: Leveraging on Technology & Human Intelligence to Ensure Verified Trust

Sachin Aggarwal,DirectorBackground verification is an essential aspect that highlights the authenticity of the professionals working in a company to gain faith in their personal and professional credibility. The employee credibility impacts the company's credibility too and this is the reason why a thorough investigation of the employee's personal, professional, and criminal background becomes necessary. AMS Inform is one of the most promising back-ground verification companies. The company was established in 1986 and has been able to maintain a wonderful record since then. The key management consists of Director Sachin Aggarwal, Parul Aggarwal, and Santosh Kumar. The company has local processing teams in 14 countries.

Unique Features Gaining a Competitive Edge In The Industry
AMS Inform offers Global Screening through multi-dimensional investigation of the candidate profile. The services include identification, educational, legal, and global verification. To ensure the authenticity of the evidences, the company traces the background of the candidate through thorough investigation of the profile. This includes detailed investigation of the educational qualification, past employment records, criminal records, address checks and identity proof checks. The company also verifies if the reply came from the correct
post office or correct pin code from the location of the university to ensure utmost reliability of its client in the services.

AMS Inform considers Global Screening, Technology adoption, compliance and best practices as their USP that has helped to gain a competitive edge in this vast industry. It has a team of professionals that have an average experience of 5-6 years. The teams are categorically divided to look after different arenas such as employment verification or educational verification or vendor management, each relating to their expertise. All teams are highly trained in fraud detection. This eliminates any loop-holes in the identification process.

Tools and Technologies Leveraging The Background Verification Services
AMS Inform focuses on latest technology adoption to ensure maximum efficiency in its background verification process. The company works through online ams: verify platform which is a complete workflow system engaging in API integrations / HR portal and invitation only candidate portal. The company also has a patent pending CourtCheck platform which provides instant criminal & civil records checks for India. Similarly, it recently launched a new platform called - check my which provides digital address verification services. The company is currently engaged in the process close to 500 digital address checks per week using this platform.

AMS Inform has inhouse lawyers who are involved in vetting of all results before sending out the final reports

Apart the technological front, AMS Inform has inhouse lawyers who are involved in vetting of all results before sending out the final re-ports. It also has tie-ups with national level labs such as 1mglabs to provide PAN India drugs testing and heath check-up facilities. AMS Inform also holds certain certifications & accreditations in its name. Itis MSME registered / D&B Accredited DUNS Number / NASSCOM Member / ISO 27001:2013 complaint from UKAS and member of PBSA.

AMS Inform is always looking to innovate and provide better solution to it's customers. With offices in domestic and international locations, it has seen a year-on-year growth of about 50% in its revenue and going by the current statistics, the future looks bright.