AMS Inform: Furnishing a 360 Degree View of Candidate's Rapport

Santosh Kumar, MD & Founder,Sachin Aggarwal, Director

Santosh Kumar, MD & Founder

Sachin Aggarwal, Director

Background checks are a key component of the hiring process. Background checks are often used as a form of pre-employment screening to find out a candidate’s criminal, financial, and employment history. When it comes to selecting the best candidate, employers often like to go deeper than just looking at an application or what the candidate says during an interview. Not only do background checks help employers know more about a candidate’s history, but they can also ultimately save the company time, money, and stress when it comes to hiring. AMS INFORM is one of the most accurate background screening agencies in the industry. Backed by a team carrying extensive years of experience in the field, AMS INFORM brings in Global coverage with zero outsourcing + technology leverage for processing data and quick turn around with high cost effectiveness.

Global screening, new & refreshed website, candidate portal & HR portal, new offerings, inhouse innovation lab are some of the most differentiating aspects of AMS Inform in the background verification service industry. Education verification is the flagship offered in 140+ countries. Besides, AMS Inform also offers a plethora other verification services including Pre/Post Employment Verification, Criminal Checks, Address Checks, Identity Checks, Reference Checks, Global Database Checks, License /regulatory certification verification, Medical License Verification, Vendor Verification, Blue Collar Workforce Verification, Drugs TEST, Credit Checks, Digital Address verification, and Digital Asset Verification.

Adhering to solid confirmations on the sources, in case of education checks, when AMS Inform receives the reply, the firm also checks if the reply came from correct post office or correct pin code from the location of the university.

AMS Inform uses ams: verify platform which
is an inhouse development. With integrations with efax, Twilio, Whatsapp (work in prgogress), Automated Address Verification API, AMS Inform ensures all the data is stored on the online platform itself. ams: verify platform is highly secure and it is a role based platform with strict compliance while being 100% auditable. Other products like Court check platform, Checkmyaddress platform for digital address verification, and TrakmyAsset for digital asset verification are also part of the portfolio.

AMS INFORM brings in Global coverage with zero outsourcing + technology leverage for processing data and quick turn around with high cost effectiveness

The firm uses its online ams: verify platform. The platform is a complete workflow system with ability to do api integrations, HR portal, and invitation only candidate portal. Moreover, AMS Inform has patent pending CourtCheck platform which provides instant criminal & civil records checks for India. The firm has recently launched a new platform, which provides digital address verification services. Currently, AMS Inform processes close to 500 digital address checks per week using this platform.

Besides being a NASSCOM member company, AMS Inform is also an MSME Registered, DUNS Number, SIA member Company. The firm also is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and PBSA member.

About the Leadership
The Managing Director & Founder, Santosh Kumar is an accomplished executive with over 40 years of experience in Due Diligence Services. He is pioneer in providing credit reports (now called as Business Information reports) and Insurance Claims Investigations in India. He is also credited with the starting background checks vertical in India in 1999. Santosh established AMS Inform in 1986 and since its inception, he is heavily involved in its operation and delivery. Santosh earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.

AMS Inform’s Global Service Delivery Director, Sachin Aggarwal, is an accomplished executive with over 18 years of experience in management consulting and operations across multiple industries (Manufacturing, Consulting, Financial Services and Technology) and geographies. Sachin leads AMS’ efforts in new business, product development and online services while also being responsible for international operations.