Ambassador Tours & Travels: Providing End-to-End Cost Effective Employee Transportation Solution with Ease of Technology

Bharath Poovaiah,Founder & Partner
Bharath Poovaiah, Founder & Partner

Safe transportation is a major concern for many corporates in cities like Bangalore. Service providers are evolving various technologies to prevent incidences of robbery and sexual harassment, and render safer & cheaper transportation system. Founded by industry veteran Bharath Poovaiah (Founder & Partner), Ambassador Tours & Travels(ATT) deliver end-to-end cost-effective employee transportation solutions through the combination of automated process, clear policies, verified drivers and quality standards. It equips, trains and implements technology through every personal to fully automate transport operations resulting in efficiency in operations and accuracy of data. It delivers everything in human logistics starting from employee transportation, car rental to buses on rent that are completely digitized.

With a pinch of technology, ATT saves customer’s money by optimizing the trip requirements avoiding wastage of money. Technology allows the entire trip information (login & logout time and kilometer covered) through an Android based app and aids them to opt-out from transport list at any point of time, thereby reducing unnecessary travelling and saving fuel cost. The clients are updated on a real-time basis the details of transactions and the cost incurred on transportation through daily MIS which keeps them UpToDate on the total spend on
transportation through daily MIS which keeps them UpTo Date on the total spend on transportation. It upholds internal checks and measures, as well as route information to ensure on-time arrival of the vehicle at the employee’s pick-up point, every time. “MNCs today demand for 100 percent complied vendors, therefore we have moved from manual dependent system to digitized system, where in this technology-driver produces 99.9 percent secured transportation system,” asserts Bharath.

"We have moved from manual dependent system to digitized system wherein this technology-driver produces 99.9 percent secured transportation system"

Maintaining Quality of Services
ATT has, over the years, built a strong team of committed and dedicated staff force many of whom are with ATT for more than a decade. They have grown with ATT, enjoyed the fruits of their labour through attractive incentive programs and contributed to its success history and helped it retain its ethos of highest quality. Committed towards providing world class experience, ATT maintains quality of service with complete safety & security of client. Thorough investigation of the drivers antecedents, employer feedback, police verification for criminal/undesirable or unknown background(if any), is collected and recorded before on-boarding of any driver so as to ensure drivers with creditable background only are appointed. On the other hand, every document is digitized, and thus, if any document expired,the respective vehicle /driver automatically deactivates from the system and can’t retrieve their service until a renewable copy is updated for the same. This ensures without exception, all documents of their entire fleet are valid and active at any point of time. This technology-driven
venture discourages vehicles above three years(keeps replacing them with new ones)in the fleet in order to avoid break-down cases, and has designated petrol pumps for refill of fuel of which the company is quite assured of quality fuel.

Ensuring women traveler’s security, the company deploys GPS and panic button system into every vehicle which help in tracking trip timing, alighting and de-boarding point and route followed. As soon as panic or emergency button is pressed, the backend team sends alert to the nearest cops who come in rescue of the traveler but in case the team is unable to reach traveler, it notifies all its vehicles travelling in nearby. “We comply all mandatory government & regulatory bodies and are available round the clock to solve client’s issues where all their mails are personally addressed by me,” adds Bharath.

Transport industry struggles with high attrition rate. To counter this, every ATT driver is covered under life, accident and medical insurances from day one and are trained on various communication & behavioral skill. Further encouraging drivers to turn entrepreneurs, it makes them the owner of the vehicle post completion of three years of service, which encourages drivers duty bound to keep their vehicle clean and in good condition. In its true sense, the company is empowering women and has 10 women drivers plying between 7 AM to 7 PM. Thus, balancing their work and personal life effectively. The company that provides car rental service PAN India now aims to expand its employee transportation service in southern cities like Hyderabad and Chennai. Atop, ATT also strives to deploy electric vehicle and looks for investors and partners for the same.