Akanksha Sane: Revolutionizing the IT Industry with Innovative Leadership

 Akanksha Sane,    Senior Director & Head of Human Resources

Akanksha Sane

Senior Director & Head of Human Resources

The HR industry plays a vital role in managing the people-related aspects of organizations, encompassing recruitment, training, retention, and compliance. HR professionals collaborate with management, attracting top talent and promoting diversity and inclusion while utilizing technology for efficiency and data-driven decision making. Current trends in the industry revolve around remote work, employee well-being,DEI initiatives, AI integration, agile performance management, and employer branding. However the industry also confronts challenges such as talent acquisition, diversity promotion, technology integration, evolving labor laws, employee engagement, skills development, and adapting to changing work dynamics. Akanksha Sane, with her expertise in HR and understanding of the IT industry, tackles these challenges head-on, employing a strategic approach to bridge gaps and drive success in both HR and IT domains.

Journey of Growth, Innovation & Empowerment
Akanksha is an accomplished HR professional who fearlessly transitioned from the NGO and ITES sectors to the dynamic realm of information technology (IT). With a comprehensive skill set covering various aspects of the employee life cycle, including talent acquisition, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, ethics and compliance, talent management, HR
business partnering, learning and organizational development, HR technology, employee relations, and employer branding, Akanksha recognized the compatibility of her skills with the IT industry. She wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity for growth and innovation in this field. Understanding the significant impact of IT on individuals, communities, and nations, Akanksha was driven by a strong sense of purpose and satisfaction as an HR representative in the IT industry. She aimed to contribute to the creation of ground-breaking products, solutions, and work forces that enhance lives on a global scale.

Now holding the position of Senior Director - India HR Delivery at PTC Software, Akanksha assumes a broad spectrum of HR responsibilities within the IT industry. Her role involves establishing effective people practices and positioning PTC as an appealing career destination and preferred employer. By aligning HR initiatives with strategic business objectives, Akanksha drives positive outcomes by implementing integrated performance management frameworks, creating programs for leadership and employee development, conducting employee surveys, incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) perspectives, and streamlining HR processes through automation. “By overseeing comprehensive compensation, benefits, and wellness programs and executing a robust resourcing strategy, we align people with purpose and pave the way for achieving PTC's strategic goals”, says Akansha.

Akanksha's professional path is characterized by her genuine approach, willingness to be vulnerable, and courage to voice her opinions. She credits her personal development to exceptional mentors and strong team connections. Akanksha highly values diverse perspectives and recognizes the significance of seeking guidance from unexpected sources. In the fast-paced IT industry, she emphasizes the essential human skills of creativity, problem-solving, transparency, collaboration, authenticity, uniqueness, persuasion, and influence. By nurturing these skills, HR professionals can successfully navigate the ever-changing IT landscape and drive organizational growth.

Akanksha actively engages with industry leaders and communities, continually expanding her knowledge and network. Her remarkable journey exemplifies the transformative potential of HR professionals in the IT industry, serving as an inspiration for both HR professionals and IT leaders. It underscores the importance of diverse skill sets, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in today's dynamic work environment. “In this exciting field of HR, we are not just HR professionals; we are architects of human potential. Let us continue to pave the way for growth, impact, and transformation, unlocking the full power of individuals and organizations, concludes Akansha.