Adventure Quest Plus: Conducts Adventurous Activities Offering Employee Engagement and Team Development

Rajashekhar Moorthy, CEO & Founder

Rajashekhar Moorthy

CEO & Founder

Employees are the most valuable asset in every organization and developing a team including the right set of employees is another integral part of any business. Therefore, employee engagement and team development play a vital role in any company to bring out the best output for any work. Adventure Quest Plus Pvt. Ltd (AQ+) is one such extramural solutions provider that focuses on employee engagement and team development through adventure activities by utilizing the great Indian outdoors. “We bring more than a decade of industry experience in the adventure space as we specialize in engaging and equipping individuals through high-energy, fun-filled, outdoor learning and adventure activities, using state-of-the-art equipment by following the highest safety standards,” says Rajashekhar Moorthy, the CEO, and founder, AQ+.

The company follows a unique three-fold approach to curating its experience by designing its experiences in a certain way to encourage people to venture out of their comfort zones. Adventure is associated with every aspect and work that is embarked with an Adventure Quest Plus experience. “Our events help individuals and teams understand their identity and find their true potential. However, recently we have expanded our focus in creating customizable online programs and experiences for corporates, educational institutions, and associations,” adds Rajashekhar.
Packed with adventure and fun, AQ+ offers experiences at its partner’s campsites or at a location of its clients’ choices to help them develop soft skills, life skills, and survival skills. The courses at AQ+ include training programs to educate and guide individuals to discover their identity and the areas for improvement. It also offers environmental education to help individuals stay aware and educated about the beauty of nature. “We curate outdoors events that teach them about the environment that they are stewards of and help them embrace the wonder of it. We also have social action projects that include community school projects and corporate social responsibility programs,” confirms Rajashekhar.

The company also offers after-school programs to educational institutions to enhance their students’ skillsets, by equipping students to face the world better through its well-thought-out after-school programs that adhere to the highest safety standards. It also has specially curated theme-based programs that infuse adventure, fun, and learning and include cross-cultural programs facilitating learning about different cultures through exchange programs. However, during the Pandemic, online programs were conducted to help people to cope with the change they were experiencing. AQ+ thus continues conducting the same through unique online events in the form of practical employee training, fun online experiences, and valuable corporate workshops. “We have two kinds of online programs. One is the open program that welcomes anyone who would like to attend it and another one is the closed corporate programs that are customized training created and curated specifically with certain corporate teams in mind,” Rajashekhar defines.

Our events help individuals and teams understand their identity and find their true potential

The company however believes in purposeful learning beyond experience under which all its activities are designed to instill certain values in participants and bring out positive outcomes in them. AQ+’s programs also enable individuals to make empowered choices through its activities to help them think, strategize and evaluate their choices before making a decision. It also helps in developing and fulfilling leadership potentiality by helping people discover their leadership qualities and enhance them. In addition to these beliefs, Rajashekhar concludes by saying, “I believe nature is the best classroom and our programs are designed to leverage the power of experiential learning through the outdoors”.