Adler Talent Solutions: Sagaciousness in HR Services

Raj Lalwani,Managing Director

Raj Lalwani

Managing Director

Call it recruitment or hiring, but the resources (time & money) consumed during this process impacts an organization’s productivity negatively. If it is bulk hiring or mid-to-senior level hiring, the process turns more cumbersome and money eating. Alongside, the task of on-boarding them, managing their pay roll and other HR related activities eat up another pie of your performance. Hence many organizations prefer to outsource these responsibilities to consultancies that specialize in the A-Z of recruitment.

Operating in India, Middle East and Africa, Adler Talent Solutions is an HR consultancy firm which helps companies offload these obligations while allowing them to focus their time &energy on where it should be – managing their businesses. Specializing in Executive Recruitments with a successful track record of closing even retainership based assignments for positions above SVP cadre to CXO/Director category in India and overseas, Adler accompanies organizations in recruiting candidates for key positions (middle to senior/board level) which mandates profound understanding of today’s complex marketplace. The company’s philosophy of proffering highest
quality service to limited customers from EPC /Infrastructure, Engineering, Manufacturing, Travel, Shipping /Logistics and Real Estate industries has earned it huge client references.

Rather than taking up unattainable targets and there by compromising the quality of the process, Adler sets achievable benchmarks for itself and seeks to attain them in a smart and efficient manner

Eagle-eyed functioning
The name Adler (meaning ‘eagle’ in German) and the logo of the company (depicting an eagle with the globe in its claws andits eyes on two other planets)figuratively represent the keenness involved in a recruitment process and its vision of conquering the globe and incessantly moving towards the next milestone. Rather than taking up unattainable targets and thereby compromising the quality of the process, the company sets achievable benchmarks for itself and seeks to attain them in a smart and efficient manner. Thus when a client (mostly project-based) requires a large number of recruitments to be done rapidly, the companyplans based on clients priority out of the given list anddeliversa quality cluster of 6-8 profiles evaluated by expertson the grounds of education, family background, relocation, interest to work on a particular brand or project and others. The progress level in the recruitment process is
assessed and a list of open positions is created on a weekly basis with assistance from account managers and the clients are intimated about the same.

“Through meticulous vetting process and cohesive operation with clients and candidates, conscientious contenders are selected and are given opportunities to impress the employer,” asserts Raj Lalwani, Managing Director, Adler. Through the program ‘Adler Yuva’, the company associates with the youth at large and assist them in making confident, tailored and insightful career choices in life. With the company’s payroll software equipped with all the compliance requirements of the Indian Government, outsourcing payroll administration to the company allows organizations to handle these onuses constructively.

Adler keeps its team astute by providing extensive training on behaviour, verbal & written communication, time management, position management, logical application and on products such as Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn, IIM jobs, Indeed and others. The competitor analysis of clients training enables the employees to cherry-pick the best possible options from an available pool of human resources as per the client needs. This is how the company has been enchanting clients not just in India but across the world. Adler has plans to strengthen its workforce by adding personnel to its IT and non-IT recruitment teams, developing an extensive team for retainership assignments and increasing contractual staff strength to 5000 in the next three years.